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We Love Summer! <3

Thursday, 6 July 2017 12:14:12 Europe/Berlin

Los Enamorados: Ibiza Hotspot

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 16:36:25 Europe/Berlin

For laid-back relaxing in the sun combined with a nice party, there’s only one island that comes to mind: IBIZA! But those who visited this Balearic island know that Ibiza has much more to offer. The unique and bohemian chic styled boutique hotel Los Enamorados, for example.


For Everyone Who Loves Life

Let’s start with a little background on this hidden gem located at the quiet and most Northern harbour of Portinatx. The hotel is the work of Rozemarijn de Witte and Pierre Traversier, a Dutch/French-Antillean couple who have been enjoying travelling the entire world together. A couple of years ago, they came across an abandoned building and decided to buy and renovate the place into an uncomplicated hotel for everyone who loves life. The name of their ambitious project? Los Enamorados – the lovers – just like they are.


Inspiring and Romantic Little Paradise

Together, Rozemarijn and Pierre made Los Enamorados into a jewel. Pierre oversaw the construction while Rozemarijn took care of the decoration. The hotel with nine rooms – all with sea view and different decoration – radiates colour and incorporates influences from all over the world: France, Morocco, Spain, the Netherlands … Objects they found on flea markets combined with new design, and the best thing, it’s all for sale. When planning a trip to Ibiza, why not considering this inspiring and romantic little paradise?


From 225 euro per night,


Pictures: Liselore Chevalie


Interior Designer Anthony Boelaert & Decovry for MeetDistrict

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 14:53:45 Europe/Berlin

When entering Ghent, there is no way not to notice the imposing Ghelamco Arena, the home of the Ghentian soccer club KAA Gent. Besides a soccer temple, the Ghelamco Arena also accommodates MeetDistrict, an upscale business hub for entrepreneurs of today. This business village – with an enviable view on the soccor field – offers fit-out workspaces, inspiring meeting rooms and a sociable atmosphere. The latter, we at Decovry can tell from our own experience as we have our offices at this fine working space as well.


Upscale Co-Working Space with Street Style

With more than 10.000 m² to play with, interior designer Anthony Boelaert was ready to take up the challenge. “MeetDistrict is pioneering in Belgium as an upscale co-working space, so the look and feel had to be perfect”, Anthony says. “We wanted to create an environment where all kinds of businesses could prosper in an atmosphere that is professional but relaxed at the same time. The interior had to be beautiful and timeless without being too cold or clean. Therefore, we added a dash of street style. The result is a beautiful mix between timeless design, made to measure, vintage and street.”


Partnering up with Decovry

For the decoration of the 1st and 5th floor, MeetDistrict and Anthony were assisted by Decovry. “With their vast product offering of more than 50.000 products, Decovry was the perfect partner to help me with the furnishing”, Anthony continues. “For instance, I was looking for a Scandinavian styled two-seater you can’t find elsewhere. Shortly after my demand, the Decovry team came up with 3 suggestions. For the all-round feel of the market place on the 5th floor, Decovry made a mood board with mood pictures and photos. This guidance was very helpful to make furnishing decisions fast and efficiently in order to create an exceptional and affordable interior design.”


Do you want to discuss a project? Contact us here.


8 Ideas to Create an Industrial Chic Home Décor

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 15:14:50 Europe/Berlin

Pic: Architects EAT - Location: Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Your home is a place where you feel at ease and where you love to surround yourself with the people you care about. Besides this, you want your home to be a reflection of who you are and what you like. An industrial chic home styling gives your home a powerful yet refined look. It’s a look that gives your home an edge and that you’ll love for the long haul.


Shop the look to get your own industrial chic inspired home look


1. Pendant Lamp, In-es.artdesign  2. Inspiring Wall Signs, Dekosign  3. Minimalist Bar Stools, Mater  4. Urban Fingerprints, Prinzip  5. Wooden Table, Mitja  6. Statement Chair, Ars Fabricandi  7. Woven Design Rug, Hanna Korvela  8. Floor Lamp, House Doctor


5 Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 16:12:56 Europe/Berlin

Mother’s Day is almost there. Time to give a big thank you to that special lady. You can surprise her with a brunch, a lovely bunch of flowers or get creative with some DIY. But why go through all the trouble if you can surprise her with one of our curated gifts?


1. Earrings & necklace (Staen) - 2. Reversible Backpacks (Maria Maleta) - 3. Leather straps (Mathilda Clahr) -

4. Vases & bowls (Louise Roe) - 5. Jewelry Box (AYTM)


Stunning Open Air Hotel

Friday, 7 April 2017 09:04:24 Europe/Berlin

How to enjoy nature to the fullest? By experiencing it day and night. Discover this outdoor hotel room in Switzerland. There are no walls, hotel lobby nor other hotel guests; only you and nature.

In the mountains of the Swiss Graubünden at a height of 1970 m above sea level, you’ll find this one-of-a-kind hotel that takes the concept of hotel experience to a whole new level. When you book this room at 250 Swiss francs (€ 233) per night, you’ll luxuriate a stunning view of the Swiss mountains without walls nor roof blocking your panorama. You won’t even find a bathroom on the premises (however, a public restroom is within a 10 minutes’ distance). Luckily enough the room comes with a butler-delivered salami sandwich and coffee in the morning. In case of poor weather conditions, it’s no surprise that the reservation can be cancelled last-minute.

The open-air hotel room is a new concept from Frank and Patrik Riklin, the twins behind Null Stern Hotels. With their “zero stars” hotel concept, they like to parody the mainstream hotel industry. Their previous hotel was located at a former nuclear bunker, in Teufen (North-East Switzerland).

For reservation (request list) mail to

Source: Travel and Leisure


Creative Workspaces: Get inspired!

Thursday, 23 March 2017 15:12:42 Europe/Berlin

We spend so much time working so why not make our office a comfortable and stylish space? A space free from unnecessary clutter and distraction. A space that leaves room for creative thoughts. A space that inspires and motivates. We love to give you some inspiration to create your own happy workspace.


This week we offer plenty of office essentials to make your (home) office look great. The items give your décor something special, they add personality and motivate you to keep on going.

Desktop Charger – Inspirational Quote – Retro Lamp

Inspirational Quote - Magnetic Board – Wired Basket


More inspiration? Take a tour of some of the coolest workspaces of the moment.

Fosbury & Sons in Antwerp

Studio Farris Architects in Antwerp

SelgasCano for Second Home in Lisbon


When fashion industry waste gets a new life

Friday, 24 February 2017 12:54:47 Europe/Berlin

Did you know that the materials in Rug Solid carpets had another life before ending on your floor? The Danish company Rug Solid makes rugs from upcycled materials to reduce waste coming from the fashion industry. The makers take it upon themselves to give waste a new life by transforming it into something beautiful and useful.


Local charm

For the production, the label has sought away from industrialized production, finding refuge in a wonderful and charming village 100 km outside New Delhi, India. Over time, Rug Solid has become part of the local village culture, where basically every adult involves himself in the production of the rugs. This way, the local charm and culture is now part of Rug Solid.

A promise made

“We want to make it easy for our customers to choose products that are environmentally friendly”, states Rug Solid. “With our global recycled standard certificate, we guarantee that we keep our promise when we say our products are sustainable.”

Stunning Leather Collection

“When the fashion industry makes shoes, bags, belts and so on, they end up with millions of leather leftovers. We transform those leftovers into rugs. All leather strips have different nuances. They are carefully selected and weaved by hand.” The result of this time-consuming handwork is a unique rug with a stunning play of nuances.

Source :


Trends 2017 Spotted by Decovry

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 18:20:12 Europe/Berlin

We love to give you an insight of what we think will be huge in 2017. These are the seven interior trends you can’t miss this year!


1. Terrazzo Stone

Never heard of the terrazzo stone? Time to fill this gap in your “interior trending” vocabulary. You can call this natural material the new marble. Material with this patio like pattern can be found indoor as well as outdoor. Think: table tops and lampshades, but also fruit bowls, cushions and candle holders.

2. Velvet

From fashion to interior, velvet is more than trending right now. Give your décor a warm and soft eye-catcher with a sofa or one-seater in velvet. Or take the safe way and add some velvet cushions to make your interior very 2017.

3. Animals Everywhere

Dogs, cats, sheep and reindeers. Animals are everywhere! Besides (fake) animal skins to elegantly drape on your lounge chair or to place in front of your fireplace, cute but interior design worthy animal toys are now trending. Those toys are nowadays so beautiful, you can easily display them at home. See for yourself …

Wallpaper My Terrazza - Velvet Sofas - Animal Chairs

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are everywhere this year. We see them in various forms and colours; many times, in atypical combinations or together with other materials - wood, metal …- which elevates the item into something more special.

5. Smoked Glass

This type of glass is smoking hot! Not only do we see this dark and sophisticated material in home accessories such as wine glasses, vases and bowl, but it’s also incorporated in interior design.

6. Rotan

Rotan is going strong again. After years of neglection, this natural and decorative material is present in all kinds of interior pieces such as mirrors, chairs and lamps.

7. Fashionable Shoppers

More and more people care about the environment but still like to be fashionable. Therefore, lots of designers came up with fashionable shoppers; reusable bags with a beautiful design in often recycled materials with always one important feature: the bags must be practical!

The Splendid Mirror Collection - Smoked Glass Design - Rotan Chair - Fashionable Shopper


5 Extraordinary Places to Stay

Friday, 3 February 2017 18:10:50 Europe/Berlin

We bet you are just like us already craving for your next holiday. We search the web in order to find some extraordinary hotels that come close to a heavenly spot in paradise … Join our trip to some of the most magnificent stays on our planet. 



One step away from spotting the lions, the masters of the African savannah, and sure of a breath-taking view over the South African bushveld. ChalkeyTreehouse in Lion Sands Game Reserve is a hit for uninterrupted panorama views.


Enjoy true nature from your own Glass Igloo in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland. This family hotel in Finnish Lapland is located 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Perfect location to spot the northern light!


This is a place you can’t reach without effort. At the top of China's Yellow Mountains, you’ll find the Jade Screen Pavilion. It will you a climb of 60.0000 stone steps to get here but your reward will be very sweet.


Once you arrive at Dedon Island Resort in the Philippines, you wish you never had to leave. Pearl white beaches, palm trees, the beach … Do we need to say more?


Probably the best reachable hotel but none the less, a super location is the 25 Hours Bikini Hotel at Berlin. Great design, energetic vibe and a necessity in this list: a great view. If you’re lucky you might spot some of the animals of the Berlin Zoo located right next to it.


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