Side By Side | Festive Wine Bottle Lights

Side by Side is the trade name for the design collection that was developed in 2001 by Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätten in cooperation with Sabine Meyer (project manager), factor product (graphic design agency) and more than 15 freelance designers. Product development, marketing & sales and the warehouse are located in Raubling in Germany.
Wendelstein Werkstätten employs 120 disabled workers in different departments, including 80 who work in the well equipped wood workshop. For ecological reasons, they primarily use domestic wood. Wood surfaces are left untreated or are treated with environmentally friendly oils, waxes or lacquer. The majority of our products are hand-made in their workshop or in one of nine other workshops for people with disabilities. The idea of developing and designing a modern and functional product line, and at the same time providing for social support and advancement of disabled people, has been judged very positively. In their choice of materials, they demonstrate environmental responsibility and thus make an important contribution for sustainable production in their region. A fantastic initiative!

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