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Modular Wallets

Victor, Charles-Antoine and Mathieu, three friends with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for ingenious design. Together they founded Apto, a unique brand of bags & accessories. Their mission: elegant, yet intelligent design. Keeping that in mind, the trio tries to find a balance between functional innovation and authenticity. The Latin 'apto', meaning ‘to adjust’, was just a logical choice of name. In 2013, Apto presented Walter: their first collection, inspired by Bauhaus, an artistic movement of the twenties. The name Walter refers to the founder of the Bauhaus academy. The whole range of products shows proof of their inspiration: clean lines, industrial details, the use of different colours and materials such as leather and metal. The collection is based on one single product that allows combining in different ways. Depending on the preferred volume and the additional features, the products perfectly meet your needs. From laptop to overnight bag, it takes only an instant.