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Garden Igloo

Four Seasons Dome

It all started in a little studio in Istanbul, Turkey. For about two years the Alemdar design duo worked tirelessly and experimented with different materials, colours and designs for their Garden Igloo. They envisioned to design an ‘open greenhouse’ that could be used through all four seasons and that had an attractive appearance. The geodesic dome with optimal temperature balance results from a period of endless experimentation. Other successful outcomes are the remarkable elasticity of the materials and the frame. At the end of the summer of 2013 the Garden Igloo was revealed at a gardening fair in Germany. To the delight of the designers, people were immediately fond of the product and it was taken on right away by a few big distributors like Bauhaus and Hornbach. Very soon the studio in Istanbul became too small, but instead of choosing to move their production to a country with cheaper labor, the Alemdars have chosen to set up shop in a new building with more space where they employ about 12 people. They deem it very important to remain involved with the production in order to guarantee good quality.