Manon Garritsen | Soft Collision Between Disciplines

Manon Garritsen

Soft Collision Between Disciplines

Manon Garritsen is a Dutch urban developer who is enthralled by parks, city life and its people and uses them as a feeding ground for her inspiration to shape urban landscapes in her own particular way. Unbound by a limitless interest in all things creative, she decided to complement her architectural capacities with a formation in fashion and swiftly started her own label, Manon, shortly after that. With Manon she produces lifestyle items that you can use and enjoy every day, that come about through her own personal experience and needs, such as her first product, a very simple and elegant felt bag in a generously large A3 format. Since then the collection has been expanded with other bags in different sizes and shapes as well as interior accessories. The inclusion of home-related items is an illustration of the fact that Manon has come full circle and reached a fascinating crossroads between urban landscaping and fashion design. She feels both disciplines complement each other seamlessly which translates into her designs. Comfortable, elegant and durable products that are made with plenty of attention for detail and that are tailored to the needs of active people.