Lona | Your New Favourite Beach Chair


Your New Favourite Beach Chair

Lona comes from the French "Olonne", city of "Vallée de la Loire", where the manufacture of this fabric began. It came to the northern coast of Portugal, being manufactured for its characteristics of being a strong fabric, compact, sturdy, mainly used to protect against wind and sun during summer, and rain and storms in winter. And it was also used for the sails of boats and beach and garden chairs for its strength and the colourful striped beauty. Lona is a cotton fabric with a simple weft. Its striped colours are very present in the collective subconscious because since our childhood the joy of holidays means beaches filled with tents, awnings and windbreaks in this brightly coloured striped fabric. Lona’s goal is to recover, reinvent and modernize the excellent quality, textures, colours and patterns that have been produced since the beginning of the last century. A classic reinvented into modern age with respect for high quality and production techniques without losing its identity, character and excellence. A Portuguese product that links sustainability and versatility to the creation of new trends.