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Colourful Hangers

Based in the pleasant town of Rimini, MEME DESIGN is a new dynamic Italian company which manufactures trendy, useful and never banal objects and furniture. The entrepreneur, Cinzia Olivieri, is the owner of the company. MEME’s name comes from memetic, the modern science that studies “memes“, the unit of measurement of the ideas in society . Already in the name, you can find the mission and the ambitious purpose of renewing, i.e. giving new life to a rigid material such as a metal sheet that can be bent to create joyful and unique pieces. Three friends, Enrico Cesana, Michele Alberto and Cinzia Oliviera, all felt there was a lack of something new and contemporary in the furniture world. They want to enhance furnishing through new colours, by purposely elevating metal to smooth, curvy and sinuous shapes, topped off by mixing different materials to add a contemporary edge. All products answer to three requests: to display creativity, to be made in Italy and to be at a competitive price point. MEME also wants to give space and voice to young and talented designers who can satisfy a young, trendy, nomadic and multicultural customer.