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Travel & Style Editions

At a time when the field of minimal photography and design is arguably saturated, Cereal presents a unique aesthetic. Simple, understated, yet deeply engaging, a Cereal image, whether it is seen on the magazine’s staggeringly popular Instagram feed or as part of a 30-page photo essay, is instantly recognizable. From the moment founders Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton launched Volume One in December 2012, taping up boxes of magazines themselves on Rosa’s apartment floor, it has enjoyed exponential success; both in terms of production growth and its expansion into a lifestyle brand.

Cereal offers magazines and city guides. The magazine, published twice a year, is divided into city-specific chapters. Each chapter comprises stories on places, people and products, paired with striking photography. An interlude section, included in every volume, features a selection of style and culture articles. Cereal’s city guides provide a tightly edited selection of Cereals favourite places in various cities around the world. Each online guide comes with an introduction to the city alongside essential information, and features anywhere from 10-20 locations, exclusively photographed by us and our team, and laid out in an editorial style akin to our printed city guidebooks.