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La Femme Garniture & Moupila |  Nectar Plaid

La Femme Garniture & Moupila | Nectar Plaid

La Femme Garniture and Moupila have joined hands to create the Nectar plaids. La Femme Garniture designs her accessories with a lot of passion. She enjoys her own unique sense of style. Elegant, wholehearted and warm, that’s who she is. A little quirky maybe, but she knows how to hide that feature very well. With subtlety she carries the traces of her past, with a little vintage wink and an interplay of lines that gives away her well-trained graphical eye. She has the amazing gift of almost being able to feel colour en when she designs, she trusts her intuition and knowledge of materials flawlessly. Moupila is a young design studio of furniture and interior from Ghent, and recently they have opened the studio/concept store ‘Moupila & Friends’ in the village of Dikkelvenne on the countryside.