TAJ | New Orleans-inspired Jewelry


New Orleans-inspired Jewelry

Taj is a lifestyle brand from Amsterdam that has been making unique silver jewellery with a story since 2013. And a story it is indeed. Pure Dutch design, designed by two free-spirited sisters and made by hand with love from recycled silver in Bali under fair circumstances. Taj is a melting pot of ideals, cultures and a passion for design, durability and development aid. Their pieces are bold mix of Dutch design and traditional Balinese work by hand. Every Taj jewel has its own product story, and accompanying quote that reminds of a life philosophy, personal message or feeling, such as daring to let go, dance more of the feeling of summer nights. All jewels are also a good-luck charm for Taj’s main ideal: live a life true to yourself, ‘cause nobody can be you, better than you’. This also explains their name: TAJ, which is Sanskrit for jewel but also an abbreviation of ‘trouw aan jezelf’, which is Dutch for ‘true to yourself’. An interesting brand that stand for honesty, for appreciation of the made by hand, for the emancipation of women and for the big dream of equal rights an opportunities for women in countries that aren’t as emancipated, such as Indonesia.