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Native Union are product designers with a simple goal, i.e. to create simple, robust and chic products that are functional both at home and in the office. Both designers are international business people, traveling all the time and relying on their mobile phones. They see themselves as customers. They are both great talkers, and believe in the art of conversation - the most powerful form of communication. The look to enhance this art. Designer David Turpin and Native Union have joined forces to create a new line of phones, featuring a perfect harmony of design and functionality. The result is a line of high quality products that perfectly fits all types of domestic or office environment with a very stylish touch. David Turpin is a French designer that graduated from "Beaux-arts" french art-school, before specializing in product design. Michael Young is the other one and has been amongst the most successful and influential designers of his generation. Terence Conran selected Young in 1997 as his most inspiring British designer.