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The stimulus behind Cacoon came from the architects of Cornwall’s Scarlet hotel who commissioned them to design a post-treatment relaxation chair or hammock to complement the coastal location and eco-aspirations of this luxury spa, whilst the realisation came from Nick and Sarah McDonald. Nick started life as a fine furniture maker, but the sea pulled him into sail-making – building sails for the well-knowns, like Robin Knox-Johnston and Ellen McArthur and many other ocean-going racing yachts. Once he got his head round sail design and engineering, he used that knowledge to design and build architectural fabric structures for on shore projects, including a large one for Kew Gardens. His company is Ösen Textile Technology. Sarah runs Ocean Canvas, the manufacturing business that developed the prototype of the cacoon. Her company researched, designed, tested it to the limit and brought it to an eager market. Since it became a reality, this energy-renewing bolt-hole now enjoys the same popular enthusiasm as the energy-sapping trampoline when that was first introduced.