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Roo Rufus, known as Roo, is a young up and coming creative individual who has lived in rural Dorset for 19 years. His parents; architect and artist, have both provided the ideal environment for him to expand his originality. From a young age Roo has shown interest in all creative forms from design to sculpture. When he was very young he used to dismantle anything he could get his hands on, then attempting to reconstruct it again; in most cases unsuccessfully! As he grew up he refined his skills and began; in typical boyish fashion, creating things such as a go-cart from scratch, a fishing rod, a trebuchet and other funky designs. From this base he then attended Bryanston school where he was allowed to expand, building and creating all kinds of brilliant things. Some of his works are still on show around the school. The roomoon was Roo's design and technology A-Level project. Only because of Bryanston's flexibility was the roomoon possible. A year down the line and the roomoon can be made for anybody however they want.