Bultaco | Striking Fusion of Motorbike and Bicycle


Striking Fusion of Motorbike and Bicycle

Bultaco has been founded in 1958 by Don Paco Bultó. This Spanish motorcycle brand has been make name with legendary vehicles such as the Sherpa, Matador and Frontera. Now, Bultaco is reborn with the mission of doing just what it would have done if it had never stopped manufacturing its motorcycles, back in 1983: offering customers motorcycles that are fun and feature the latest technologies. The Bultaco Team maintains the same old spirit that has always defined the Thumb-Up brand, faithful to the traditional values that made the company founded by Don Paco Bultó legendary: passion, innovation and competition.

Brinco is the first Moto-Bike, a striking fusion of a motor-bike and a bicycle. A totally new way of approaching and experiencing two wheels, taking the riding experience into a whole new dimension.