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Danish homeware brand Tine K Home was founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen and her husband Jacob Fossum. The couple lives on Funen with their three children Klara, Tilde and Konrad. The Tine K Home Collection is based on Tine’s passion for beautiful objects, sweet memories, different cultures, and great stories. The collection includes interior textiles, furniture, and accessories from their design or that are unique findings from different journeys abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, India etc. With her passion for 'cold' colours, the Scandinavian simplicity is combined with handmade items and charming objects from different cultures which altogether creates a warm and cosy atmosphere: "It is the contrast between light and dark which creates the style and atmosphere. Often, the dark colours come from old objects, furniture and carpets from the East. I like pieces that have history, that are handmade and different, and that I can't usually find in Denmark."