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Must-Have Light Bulbs

The Plumen 001 was designed by the design house Hulger, in collaboration with Sam Wilkinson and Nik Roope. Hulger brings the best out of new and existing technology by putting design at the heart of all our solutions. The simplicity of Hulger products allows the form, feel and personality to preside. Hulger is conscious that their products should wear in not wear out, and should avoid rapid obsolescence by steering clear of technologies likely to go out of date or become incompatible. The first Plumen prototype bulb was exhibited at Designersblock during London Design Week in 2007. The proposition was simple: create a beautiful, elemental design from the standard components of a compact fluorescent bulb. By using these standard tubes of light much more artistically, Hulger had created an object of desire. The original prototype was added to the MoMA permanent design collection and three years on, the production bulb, the Plumen 001 was launched in Hulger’s native town London. In 2011 Plumen 001 was recognised by winning the highly coveted Brit Insurance Design of the Year, one of the most significant international awards in design.