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My Name is Simone

Trendy & retro dolls

This story started in a pretty classic way. Having graduated from high school, Simone leaves Toulouse to discover Paris. She then studies art at two top schools, the ESAG Met de Penninghen and the Charpentier Academy in Paris. There, she learns about shapes, colors and typography which will naturally take her to work for an advertising agency as artistic director, during 6 years. But she realizes that becoming an adult is no fun. So, she gets down to work and decides to devote her spare time fighting against adulthood and seriousness. To postpone this dreaded eventuality, she decides to create a world in which adults look quirky, odd, kind of old fashioned with their mustaches and glasses. Simone thumbs her nose and pokes fun at daily life. Next, frustrated to only see her friends in one dimension, flat on a piece of paper, she becomes the proud owner of a sewing machine and soon designs and makes a whole collection of characters. Thus were born Jean-Louis, Rosalie and several others. And with them appears the trademark. Today the brand is distributed in over 10 countries. My Name is Simone's dolls are made from 100% organic materials, clean ink and manufactured in the EU. In real life, Simone's name is Caroline Castagna-Suarez. But who cares, this is all about Simone and it is a lot more fun !