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Welcome to Studio HENK. We are an Amsterdam based design studio that was founded in late 2013 by Okke and Xander Albers, two brothers from the south of the Netherlands. We design affordable high-quality furniture. We are studio HENK. We make stunning furniture. Five years ago we were looking for a table that would be both beautiful and affordable. We were unable to find it. With the help of father in law HENK we turned our ideas into reality. The first table we made turned out to be a success. During a walk in the Norwegian mountains we decided to turn our hobbies into our work. Studio HENK was born. We strive for precision and craftsmanship, combined with the best materials we can find. We use the best quality oak wood, solid steel and offer the finest wool and nylon upholsteries. Our wide choice of finishes, colours, frames and upholsteries ensure you can configure unique combinations that fit any type of private and public interior.