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Granny's Finest | Hand-Knitted Accessories

Granny's Finest

Hand-Knitted Accessories

Niek van Hengel and Jip Pulles started Granny’s Finest in 2011 as a pilot project, in which young creative talent works together with elderly people in Ommoord, a neighbourhood in Rotterdam. Then there were about 20 grannies, two years later they were already 162 and recruiting the first grandpa’s. Seniors and youngster work together in the design and production of hand-knitted fashion accessories such as hats, scarves, mittens, bags and ties under the appropriate label ‘Granny’s Finest’. With this initiative loneliness of elderly people is prevented and an original launching platform for young creative talent is created. Young learns from old, and the other way around. With the right natural yarns, the right instructions and the right efforts high quality products are made by hand. These are sold and with the profits the foundation’s social projects are realized.