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HOH by Ortis Green | Vertical Green Art

HOH by Ortis Green

Vertical Green Art

HOH! Hang.Oasi.Home is a new interior design accessory for indoor vertical green foliage designed and produced by Ortisgreen, an Italian company specialised in creating unique scenery and innovative solutions for vertical green foliage projects. HOH! allows everyone to create a corner of hanging green foliage, that combines modern appeal and the beauty of nature. It provides the tools to set up, entirely on your own and with great freedom, an indoor vertical green garden. Inspired by living walls and living pictures it comprises the Ortisgreen vertical green technique in a smaller dimension that is suitable for all kind of living spaces. Thanks to HOH! decorating with nature becomes easy, just like hanging a picture! The evocative and fun name comes from the acronym for Hang.Oasi.Home. HOH! is an expression of wonder that contains in its essence: natural wonder, innovation, simplicity and fun.

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HOH by Ortis Green