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About Decovry

Our Concept features weekly sales of unseen home and decoration brands, with a focus on authenticity and sustainability. We cooperate with designers and brands worldwide and are very passionate about the story behind the designers and brands. As Decovry works directly with the brands we can offer exclusive products at special discounts.

Decovry offers design and decoration items, lighting, accessories, small furniture, creative kids items, textiles and art.

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  2. Every week there is a new sale for 7 days with an exclusive discount. A sale covers about 40 products from 8 different brands and designers
  3. At the end of the sale, Decovry will order your products from suppliers. You will receive the products within 20 working days after the sale

Welcome to Decovry, the discovery of unseen deco …

Our Manifest

This is your future. Don’t waste it. If life is catching up, slow down. Live your passion. Do what you love, as often as possible. Be excited like a child, do not reflect on your thoughts, follow your dream! Make your song, tell your story. If you don’t like something, quit it. If you want to avoid the excess of life, adore simple pleasures. Take time to search for authenticity. Be the first to discover new things in life. Be passionate about traveling, and get inspired by culture and arts. Open your mind for new experiences. Admire the beauty of unknown products, created and designed with respect for a sustainable home. If you work too much, go out and have fun. Enjoy life. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Share your dream. Open your heart to people, feel good. Invite your friends to live inspiration and curiosity. One day you’ll be rewarded. Think different, change your lifestyle. This is your life.

- Decovry Manifest, 2011

Our Story

Decovry began as a dream.
A dream to live a different lifestyle, a lifestyle which reflects our manifest.
Being passionate about people’s story, caring for authenticity and sustainability and admiring new things in life created the path to Decovry.

Decovry is all about discovery. A discovery experience of unknown products for home and decoration, design, textiles, kids, art and other lovely products.
While traveling around the world, our passion is to share all those beautiful products with our friends. Products with an inner story behind and made by companies and people with a heart.
All our products have a different twist , being handmade, sustainable, natural, ecological, creative or authentic.

Decovry hopes that each product and its inherent story inspires you to follow our dream. Spread the word and help us to create a better world through beautiful design.

Our Founder

The initial idea of setting up a business in the area of home & decoration was a dream for quite a while. It is inspired by years of experience in the publishing world as well as our family owned upholstery business.

I believe in going after your dreams is the most beautiful thing in life. From reading the story of our weekly sales, you’ll find out my passion for travel, nature and pureness in life. I’m passionate about teaming up with brands and designers who share similar goals.

Now I am committed in transforming this wonderful idea into a real experience, a unique discovery to make it easier for you to get access to those products and to help those passionate people to share their dream.

How Does Decovry Work?

  1. You need to register to get access to our sales (cfr How can I become a member)
  2. Registration is free.  Simple enter your email address and a pasword, this will take you less than 30 seconds. 
  3. You will receive an email to confirm your membership
  4. You get access to our weekly sales on the website
  5. At the start of every new sale, you’ll be invited by email and get access to our sales through the direct link in the email or directly on the Decovry site through your login and password. At the website you can see the theme and the duration of every sale.
  6. You only can buy during 7 days and can only buy online
  7. The products you like can be added to your cart. Each item in your cart will be available for max 30 minutes.
  8. Your order is final when you do the checkout and your payment has been approved. Payment is possible by VISA, MASTERCARD, IDEAL or MAESTRO.
  9. Once your order is complete, you ll receive an email with the confirmation of your order. Standard, orders are delivered within 20 days after the end of a sale. For some products the delivery time might be longer, but this will be mentioned in the specifications of your order.
  10. Return is possible within 14 days after the receipt of the goods.

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