At DECOVRY, we believe that every day is made to discover something new. And when discovering something you haven’t seen before, you break your daily routine, you step outside your comfort zone and you live with your eyes wide open.

We love to share this urge to discover with our members. Therefore, we surprise them with a unique selection of design and lifestyle products in our daily sales; we inspire them with blogposts on new places to be and give them something to dream about with our idyllic Facebook images.


This is your future. Don’t waste it. If life is catching up, slow down. Live your passion. Do what you love, as often as possible. Be excited like a child, do not reflect on your thoughts, follow your dream! Make your song, tell your story. If you don’t like something, quit it. If you want to avoid the excess of life, adore simple pleasures. Take time to search for authenticity. Be the first to discover new things in life. Be passionate about traveling, and get inspired by culture and arts. Open your mind for new experiences. Admire the beauty of unknown products, created and designed with respect for a sustainable home. If you work too much, go out and have fun. Enjoy life. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Share your dream. Open your heart to people, feel good. Invite your friends to live inspiration and curiosity. One day you’ll be rewarded. Think different, change your lifestyle. This is your life.

- DECOVRY Manifest, 2011


Carole Meert: “Decovry began in November 2011 as a dream. A dream to live a different lifestyle, a lifestyle which reflects our manifest. Being passionate about people’s story, caring for authenticity and sustainability and admiring new things in life created the path to DECOVRY.”

“DECOVRY is all about discovery. Discovering unknown products for home and decoration, design, textiles, kids, art and other lovely products. While travelling around the world, our passion is to share all those beautiful products with our friends. Products with an inner story and made by companies and people with a heart. All our products have a different twist - they are handmade, sustainable, natural, ecological, creative or authentic.”


  • You are the first to get access to a unique selection of design and lifestyle items.
  • You enjoy exclusive discounts we obtain by collaborating directly with the designers.
  • You discover products with a story and made by companies and people with a heart. All those products have a different twist, are handmade, sustainable, natural, ecological, creative or authentic.


  • Every day, we launch temporarly sales. During those sales, you enjoy attractive prices.
  • Orders are delivered within 20 days after the end of a sale. For some products the delivery time might be longer, but this will be mentioned on every product page and in the specifications of your order.
  • In case you aren't satisfied with your purchase, you can easily return your goods within 30 days after you have received them.

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