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Lasso | DIY Felt Bags


DIY Felt Bags

In 2010, Gaspard went to London to pursue his studies at the Royal College of Art. Tired to walk bare-foot, he had the idea to cut a spare piece of felt and sew it with his sneaker laces: the very first pair of Lasso slippers was born! 164 prototypes later the shape was perfected and the comfort optimized. Back in Paris, he offered a pair to his friend Ruben to try out and see how he liked them. After sewing in the laces and experiencing Lasso for the first time, Ruben called Gaspard: « Mec, chaud patate !! On va les faire à Paris! ». To be translated by: « Mate, they are so warm, we’ve got to make them in Paris ! » So they started to look for a manufacturer and found the Sellerie Parisienne, at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in the Parisian suburbs, a social enterprise that provides work opportunities for people with special needs. The die was cast !
It took a lot more discussions, coffees, pints, sewing and sweat to establish Lasso: a young, social and conscientious brand.