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Why Every Home Should Have a Vintage Carpet

Friday, 19 January 2018 17:46:35 Europe/Berlin

Everything comes back in fashion. And so do Persian carpets. An oriental styled rug will never disappoint you when giving your home décor a new look and will add warmth and cosiness in a snap. Dutch label Urban Garments has a knack for making these classical carpets contemporary. It’s specialised in producing original vintage carpets with a refreshing look.


Discover the beautiful bohemian carpets of Urban Garments here


A carpet is a stylish foundation for your interior and fits just as any interior style. Not sure? Urban Garments gives you tons of inspiration. Whether you fancy a New York loft style, a relaxed Ibiza vibe or the Copenhagen clean and simple look.


Ibiza Beach House

Ibiza, a place where everything is possible and nothing necessarily has to be done. A nice and open, spherical house with a lot of light, high ceilings and a lot of art covering the walls. A Persian carpet is the perfect finishing touch. These pure cotton threads, woven in its specific retro look fit perfectly with the ‘bohemian beach life’ culture which Ibiza is known for.

New York Loft

Ready for a Sunday stroll in your Soho loft? Bare feet… Coffee in hand. The romantic motives of the rug break the modern interior and give it a soft touch. A true enrichment for the interior.

Amsterdam Canal House

In this canal house in Amsterdam; the perfect hide away from the busy city life, an vintage carpet increases the importance of tranquillity and warmth.

Find out more about Urban Garments here

About the designer: Foonka, naturally inspiring

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 15:21:50 Europe/Berlin

“Everything started with the longing for summer and nights spent under the stars”, the founders of Foonka say. Together Gosia and Marcin Dziembaj are a couple, founders of the Polish design studio Dizeno Creative and eternal seekers for inspiration in everyday situations. “With that longing, we came up with the idea of creating bed clothes imitating a haystack.”


In 2013, the duo launched its first bed linen on Design Open Space, a design festival in Poland where it was so well received that the designers decided to market the product. Ever since, the brand has expended and now includes all kinds of nature inspired bed clothes, pillows and table textiles. Maybe the name Foonka doesn’t ring a bell. That’s because the brand was formerly known as Hayka and changed its name in the beginning of 2018. 

Why we love Foonka?


Foonka gives you a semblance of a summer adventure, a nostalgic trip to hide-and-seek in nature. The Straw bed linen for example takes you to the countryside and makes you surrender to blissful laziness without the risk of being pricked by the straw. The beach bedclothes give you dreams of a holiday at the beach – sand between your toes not included. The Northern Sky bedding offers you the chance to sleep underneath the stars, even when it’s cloudy. Furthermore, all Foonka bedclothes are designed and made in Poland from local fabrics of the highest quality. We’re hooked!

Discover the Foonka collection here!


1898 The Post: Ghent's Best Kept Secret

Thursday, 21 December 2017 12:29:07 Europe/Berlin

Still haven’t figured out what your Christmas holiday will bring? We suggest you go and discover Belgian’s most beautiful town, Ghent, and stay at one of its best kept secrets: 1898 The Post. A grand hotel that welcomes its guests in a 20th century style décor and overwhelms them with its grandeur and spectacular views.


Rewind to Ghent 1898. The architect Louis Cloquet finalises his plans for the Central Post Office. A building in the heart of the city, right between the Graslei and the Korenmarkt. When the post office opens in 1909, the building breathes a typical neo-gothic style with a façade boasting one hundred escutcheons and statues. One tower with an imposing clock rises high above the city, with a proud 54 metres in height.


Now, more than 120 years later, the Post Office is reincarnated into a one-of-a-kind hotel. 1898 The Post, the latest addition to the Zannier Hotels family, radiates the splendour of the 20th century: antique furniture, high ceilings, luxurious dark green walls, large windows and impeccable decoration details showing that nothing is left to chance. Each of the thirty-eight rooms has a story to tell. One of our favourites? The Tower Room in the octagonal south-east tower. A love nest offering an unparalleled 360-degree view over the historic city.


Antique Chic Cocktails

And even when you don’t fancy to spend the night here, you’re still welcome at this former Post Office building. On the first floor you’ll find The Cobbler, an exceptional cocktail bar where your barman will serve you a fine cocktail – try the Classic Sherry Cobbler! – while you relax in an antique chic interior and enjoy the view of the Lys. Last tip: make a reservation to ensure your seat!

Source: Zannier Hotels: 1898 The Post - Rooms rates from € 150 per night


Caution: Laauw May Cause Wanderlust

Thursday, 7 December 2017 15:18:51 Europe/Berlin

The Dutch brand Laauw, creating leather goods with a twist, is more than just a brand. It inspires us with a message that radiates freedom, positivity and possibility. That our life is a destination unknown. And most of all that the world is ours!


Laauw tells the story of Rob van Ravenstein, Dorus Leenaarts and Joep Klerx. Three young and ambitious friends with shared interests in fashion, lifestyle and travel, and one dream: create their own label from scratch. Since 2014, Laauw takes creativity the further bound, combining the authenticity of craftmanship and a modern, urban look and feel.


The Perfect Nomad Life Essentials

Through collabs with bloggers and artists, they give a voice to likeminded people and share their message with the world. For their latest collection, they worked together with world explorer Lauren Bullen of @gypsealust. Blend the passion, entrepreneurial spirit and boundless creativity of Laauw with this muse’s bohemian chic style and you get the perfect nomad life essentials: a reinvented camera bag, passport cover and a notebook cover in timeless earth tones blending into every scenery.


Laauw Bags Travelling the World

From the desert to the French Riviera, in forests, in the streets: Laauw bags travel the whole world. And they got us daydreaming about faraway places. Careful this post might cause wanderlust. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


Sand between our toes, sleeping under the stars, soft breeze, the wind in our hair, colourful patterns, 

French Rivièra

The perfect coastline journey, crashing waves along the beach, long dress, barefoot, la vie douce!


Waking up in a lush jungle treehouse to the humming sound of the birds, Hakuna Matata!


Cabin in the woods, Sleeping under the stars, on the road, campfire…


Late mornings, wandering the streets, exploring hidden gems, … 

Source: Laauw, Pinterest, Gypsea

The Ultimate 25 Xmas Gifts of 2017

Wednesday, 6 December 2017 14:43:40 Europe/Berlin

Good news, your christmas gift hunt ends here! Because we know finding the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list can be a tough cookie to crack. You want to give a present that effortlessly harvests all oohs and aahs from everyone around the Christmas tree. You seek something heart-warming for the best dad in the world, something hyper trendy for your youngest sister, something infallible for that uncle you don’t know that well, something classy for your graceful granny …


At Decovry, we are unbeatable in curating perfect gifts: items you can’t find elsewhere, items you’re the first to discover. Sit back, breath, relax … Your Christmas hunt is officially over. Discover the 25 best Christmas gifts of 2017.



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3 Idyllic Airbnbs You Want To Book Right Now

Monday, 20 November 2017 13:02:33 Europe/Berlin

Don’t you ever think to take your next trip to the next level? Well, maybe you should consider spending the night in high areas in that case. Be ready to meet some impressive Airbnb’s that will leave you speechless.



This tropical accommodation already convinced a lot of travellers due to the splendid setting in the Balinese jungle. Its architecture is as tropical as its neighbourhood. Are you next in line to enjoy this magical place?

INDONESIA - 285 euro per night



Why not choose for an adventurous kind of vacation? Cuzco (Peru) is the place to sleep in a luxurious capsule that hangs from the top of the Valle Sagrado de los Inca mountain. The most exciting part about this experience? First things first, you have to reach the skylodges with a zipline before you will enjoy your glass of wine. Anyway, the breathtaking view is all worth it.

PERU - 394 euro per night


An adult treehouse that succeeds in making everyone pleased in a split second. Featuring an eye-catching and jaw-dropping view in the cosy bath corner, it seems to us that your “back to nature” trip could not be more exclusive.

AUSTRALIA - 685 euro per night


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5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Inspiring

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 18:13:38 Europe/Berlin

Five minutes, more than an hour, ten seconds … Regardless of how much time we spend in the bathroom, we use this space every day. So why not turn it into an emanation of style and beauty? We help you to get started with 5 inspirational types of bathrooms.


1. The Unusual One

Tired of your boring white bathroom? Give it an unusual twist with objects you don’t expect in a bathing area. Think: a ladder to hang up your towels, an ethnic rug to enhance the room, a decorative pendant lamp to accompany you while bathing …



2. The Bold One

How to make a bathroom anything but boring? By making it bright and energetic. We think bold colours combined with a pattern tiled floor or a marble sink combined with a steel tap and concrete wall are great examples of bold bathrooms. We bet these bathroom designs make your mornings much more energetic and cheerful.

(img. agape - onekinddesign - casa vogue)


3. The Minimalist One

Agreed. We can’t all have a bathroom that is bigger than your first student room with a massive free-standing bath, large windows or XXL water shower. For all you urbanists who live in smaller places, take the minimalist road. Make it as bright as possible with lots of white and combine it with some stylish black details and a cool indoor plant.

(img. Studio LS


4. The Cosy One

A bathroom can be more than the space you bathe, it can fom part of your living space. Try adding furniture pieces and make your bathroom a place where you love spending time with a book, or maximise the intimacy by choosing dark colours.

(img. Cocoon - Gravity Home)


5. The Natural One

Natural materials turn your bathroom into a place of relaxation. With their pure and neutral colours and warm texture, they help you create the perfect environment to start the day in a non-chaotic way or to shake off stress at the end of the day.

(img. daily dream decor)


The 7 Coolest Design Cabinets You Haven’t Seen Yet

Friday, 13 October 2017 18:08:33 Europe/Berlin

A home without a cabinet is like a forest without trees. But imagine not all – or at least 91% of all cupboards – would be white and dull, but an expression of a designer’s imagination, an entire journey of materials or just fun to look at. Some artists and designers set the right example and created some of the most creative cabinets you can imagine.


1. Chest of Drawers, Droog 

The mother of all conceptual closets is Chest of Drawers by Droog. For this design, Tejo Remy collected twenty drawers –  differing in size, style and colour – and bundled them with a luggage strap into a chest. The first design object ever giving a new meaning to recycling in design.

2. Luna, Patricia Urquiola

Famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola designed this cabinet for the French furniture brand Coedition: a circular cabinet pillared on a tall X-shaped base. Besides the cheerful shape of the object, the shelf panels are fun to play with as you can shove them 90° to reveal whatever is stored inside.

3. Studio Job, Chartres

Antwerp design collective Studio Job created an impressive series of five monumental furniture pieces inspired by landmarks. One of those marks was the Chartres cathedral in France. Studio Job turned this house of worship on its side and transformed into a cupboard. Chartres is a very detailed 170-cm high sculpture, made from 24K polished and patinated bronze and gold leaf. (img.


4. Naihan Li, CC TV Wardrobe

Chinese designer Naihan Li created a wardrobe that might remind you of a famous building … Architect lovers will surely recognise Rem Koolhaas’ CCTV tower (headquarters for the Chinese Central Television company) in Beijing. Li scaled this 234-m high building to 1/100 scale and turned it into a wardrobe and storage cabinet made from Brazilian rosewood. For her “I Am A Monument” furniture series, the artist ‘shrinked’ other famous buildings such as the US Pentagon turned into a daybed and the UN building in New York as a bookcase. “A reimagining of how we look at the world,” Li says. (img. Dezeen)


5. Danish Fuel, Bar Cabinet

A cabinet in disguise. This bar cabinet conceals your most precious spirits in a can that only relieves its secrets when opened. Danish Fuel gave new life to this old military can and embellished it with features to make it a unique bar relic.


6. Otura Design, Otura

No cabinet fulfills more functions than this Otura, a storage system as well as a stool, side-table and night stand. Dutch designer Rianne Koens named this furniture piece based on the hospitality of her Turkish in-laws. Otura is a conjunction of the Turkish word ‘otur’ (sit) and ‘oturak’ (stool).


7. Hannes Van Severen, Untitled

Belgian artist Hannes Van Severen created his design with an opposite starting point and turned a wardrobe into a piece of art. The everyday object no longer predominates. It's only a visual reference to its past. The result is a fictional world where conventions are questioned and your imagination takes flight.

Why We Love Vanity Planet

Thursday, 21 September 2017 15:53:41 Europe/Berlin

Vanity Planet is not your average beauty company, but promises you rad beauty products that are never boring or shallow. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, therefore team Decovry decided to test some of the skin cleaning products. And huff, that was exhausting and tiring. Just kidding – all the ladies on the team were super excited and very willing guinea pigs. Check out their reviews!


“Vanity Planet’s Groove increases hair and scalp health in a second. Its goal is to stimulate your blood flow, eliminate dead skin cells and boost oil build-up. This vibrating brush is easy-to-use, fits easily in the palm of your hand and is a perfect match with shampoo and conditioner. Other haircuts involving weaves, extensions or braids are no problem for Groove thanks to its ingenious design. The colourful touch is another wonderful advantage. One thing you should keep in mind: it is not possible to change the intensity of its vibration.  Anyway, this scalp massager is a boosting shiny hair essential for sure. What are you waiting for?”

“I used to think that brushes with real hair were better than those with synthetic hair. The Blend Party brushed prove the opposite. The brushes are softer, absorb less make-up and are easier to clean. They have thicker hair and don’t leave marks on your skin. First, I had to get used to the flexible handles but after using them for a week, I realised that it facilitates applying make-up. And you know what’s the best? With this set of brushes, I feel like a profession make-up artist!”

“The Ultimate Skin Spa is my new favourite tool in the bathroom. Since my first trial, I keep the Daily Cleansing Brush close to remove make-up and debris from my skin without any effort. Leaving only a clean and slightly exfoliated (= soft!) skin as result. Cleaning my skin in the evening becomes a little moment of spa. With its dual-speed option, you can opt for a soft or more intense cleaning. Perfect for a dry, sensitive winter skin as well as a greasier summer skin. Besides the daily cleaning brush, the kit comes with an exfoliating and a silicone exfoliating brush that just made my home spa complete.”

“Did you know our skin reacts differently to different temperatures? The ‘facial wand’ thus says to use a cold and a hot setting for optimal skincare. Let’s see about that. Within 10 seconds the hot mode indeed opens the pores and boosts the absorption of day cream. (Watch out, can get really hot). The cool mode closes the pores, reducing redness and fine lines. (Not all the redness is gone, but the feeling is great). The sonic vibrations add an extra touch to the treatment by giving a (really) gentle massage. The teardrop-shaped form is certainly perfect to tackle the sensitive skin below your eyes. Result? A healthy glow, a radiantly soft skin and a happy customer.”

“’Spin for a perfect skin’, a product name takes sets high expectations. If they were met? The product looks nice and has lots of options. The two small brushes are ideal to sweep away dead skin cells and impurities once a week and are easy to use. With my sensitive skin, I did feel a little bit of irritation afterwards. So be careful, you sensitive types! I really loved the pumice stone which guarantees smooth heels and the body brush to exfoliate your body. They make you feel like you’re in a spa.”


Get Inspired: Branca Lisboa in Contemporary Urban Resort

Sunday, 17 September 2017 12:04:29 Europe/Berlin

Besides giving our beloved products a platform on our website, we love to show you what happens when professional design lovers go their way with these refined design pieces. Portuguese architect Pedro Domingos was asked to reimagine a late 18th century building and create the interior design of The Late Birds Hotel, an urban resort in the centre of Lisbon. As a pride Portuguese, Domingos picked out some of the fine Branca Lisboa design pieces to make it complete.


Dialogue Between Design and Craftmanship

Pedro Domingos designed the 12 comfortable rooms of the all-male resort as well as a number of common areas looking out on a beautiful pool courtyard. He used simple and natural materials to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere. As eye-catchting decoration, the architect chose Branca Lisboa. This product and accessory label from Lisbon has a knack for engaging a careful dialogue between design and craftmanship to become the most refined and long-lasting pieces. In The Late Birds Hotel, the architect used amongst other things the elegant Barca Lounge Chair, the conceptual Raio Lamp and the iconic Shell Lounge Chair.

Hotel Guests as Friends

“We want to treat our guests as friends”, the owners of The Late Birds Hotel say. “The interior design had to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable as they are at home among friends. The decoration combines classical freshness with the contemporary look of Portuguese design.”

The Late Birds Hotel, Lisbon

Architect Pedro Domingos (2013)

Featured products of Branca Lisboa: Shell, birch plywood. R&B Lounge, Natural Ash Wood, Stained Black. Sofo, Wood, foam and Gabriel fabrics. Nivél, Natural Oak Wood. Aranha, Natural Beech Wood. Barca, Natural Ash Wood. Aya, Natural Walnut Wood. Raio, PVC, steel ring.



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