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5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Inspiring

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 18:13:38 Europe/Berlin

Five minutes, more than an hour, ten seconds … Regardless of how much time we spend in the bathroom, we use this space every day. So why not turn it into an emanation of style and beauty? We help you get started with 5 inspirational types of bathrooms.


1. The Unusual One

Tired of your boring white bathroom? Give it an unusual twist with objects you don’t expect in a bathing area. Think: a ladder to hang up your towels, an ethnic rug to enhance the room, a decorative pendant lamp to accompany you while bathing …

1. Vintage Carpet, Massimo, 2. Adnet Mirror, Gubi, 3. Pendant Lamp, Jaanus Orgusaar

2. The Bold One

How to make a bathroom anything but boring? By making it bright and energetic. We think bold colours combined with a pattern tiled floor or a marble sink combined with a steel tap and concrete wall are great examples of bold bathrooms. We bet these bathroom designs, make your mornings much more energetic and cheerful.

(img. agape - onekinddesign - casa vogue)

3. The Minimalist One

Agreed. We can’t all have a bathroom that is bigger than your first student room with a massive free-standing bath, large windows or XXL water shower. For all you urbanists who live in smaller places, take the minimalist road. Make it as bright as possible with lots of white and combine it with some stylish black details and a cool indoor plant.

1. Franklin Chandelier, Menu, 2. Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf, Lyon Beton, 3. Side table, Take Me Home (img. Studio LS

4. The Cosy One

A bathroom can be more than the space you bathe but can become part of your living space. Try adding furniture pieces and make your bathroom a place where you love spending time with a book, or maximise the intimacy by choosing dark colours.

(img. Cocoon - Gravity Home)

5. The Natural One

Natural materials turn your bathroom into a place of relaxation. With their pure and neutral colours and warm texture, they help you create the perfect environment to start the day in a non-chaotic way or to shake off stress at the end of the day.

1. Pendant Lamp Bamboo M1, Ay Illuminate, 2. Momentum Plaid, Mette Ditmer, 3. Woven Chair, Red Cartel (img. daily dream decor)


The 7 Coolest Design Cabinets You Haven’t Seen Yet

Friday, 13 October 2017 18:08:33 Europe/Berlin

A home without a cabinet is like a forest without trees. But imagine not all – or at least 91% of all cupboards – would be white and dull, but an expression of a designer’s imagination, an entire journey of materials or just fun to look at. Some artists and designers set the right example and created some of the most creative cabinets you can imagine.


1. Chest of Drawers, Droog 

The mother of all conceptual closets is Chest of Drawers by Droog. For this design, Tejo Remy collected twenty drawers –  differing in size, style and colour – and bundled them with a luggage strap into a chest. The first design object ever giving a new meaning to recycling in design.

2. Luna, Patricia Urquiola

Famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola designed this cabinet for the French furniture brand Coedition: a circular cabinet pillared on a tall X-shaped base. Besides the cheerful shape of the object, the shelf panels are fun to play with as you can shove them 90° to reveal whatever is stored inside.

3. Studio Job, Chartres

Antwerp design collective Studio Job created an impressive series of five monumental furniture pieces inspired by landmarks. One of those marks was the Chartres cathedral in France. Studio Job turned this house of worship on its side and transformed into a cupboard. Chartres is a very detailed 170-cm high sculpture, made from 24K polished and patinated bronze and gold leaf. (img.


4. Naihan Li, CC TV Wardrobe

Chinese designer Naihan Li created a wardrobe that might remind you of a famous building … Architect lovers will surely recognise Rem Koolhaas’ CCTV tower (headquarters for the Chinese Central Television company) in Beijing. Li scaled this 234-m high building to 1/100 scale and turned it into a wardrobe and storage cabinet made from Brazilian rosewood. For her “I Am A Monument” furniture series, the artist ‘shrinked’ other famous buildings such as the US Pentagon turned into a daybed and the UN building in New York as a bookcase. “A reimagining of how we look at the world,” Li says. (img. Dezeen)


5. Danish Fuel, Bar Cabinet

A cabinet in disguise. This bar cabinet conceals your most precious spirits in a can that only relieves its secrets when opened. Danish Fuel gave new life to this old military can and embellished it with features to make it a unique bar relic.


6. Otura Design, Otura

No cabinet fulfills more functions than this Otura, a storage system as well as a stool, side-table and night stand. Dutch designer Rianne Koens named this furniture piece based on the hospitality of her Turkish in-laws. Otura is a conjunction of the Turkish word ‘otur’ (sit) and ‘oturak’ (stool).


7. Hannes Van Severen, Untitled

Belgian artist Hannes Van Severen created his design with an opposite starting point and turned a wardrobe into a piece of art. The everyday object no longer predominates. It's only a visual reference to its past. The result is a fictional world where conventions are questioned and your imagination takes flight.

Why We Love Vanity Planet

Thursday, 21 September 2017 15:53:41 Europe/Berlin

Vanity Planet is not your average beauty company, but promises you rad beauty products that are never boring or shallow. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, therefore team Decovry decided to test some of the skin cleaning products. And huff, that was exhausting and tiring. Just kidding – all the ladies on the team were super excited and very willing guinea pigs. Check out their reviews!


“Vanity Planet’s Groove increases hair and scalp health in a second. Its goal is to stimulate your blood flow, eliminate dead skin cells and boost oil build-up. This vibrating brush is easy-to-use, fits easily in the palm of your hand and is a perfect match with shampoo and conditioner. Other haircuts involving weaves, extensions or braids are no problem for Groove thanks to its ingenious design. The colourful touch is another wonderful advantage. One thing you should keep in mind: it is not possible to change the intensity of its vibration.  Anyway, this scalp massager is a boosting shiny hair essential for sure. What are you waiting for?”

“I used to think that brushes with real hair were better than those with synthetic hair. The Blend Party brushed prove the opposite. The brushes are softer, absorb less make-up and are easier to clean. They have thicker hair and don’t leave marks on your skin. First, I had to get used to the flexible handles but after using them for a week, I realised that it facilitates applying make-up. And you know what’s the best? With this set of brushes, I feel like a profession make-up artist!”

“The Ultimate Skin Spa is my new favourite tool in the bathroom. Since my first trial, I keep the Daily Cleansing Brush close to remove make-up and debris from my skin without any effort. Leaving only a clean and slightly exfoliated (= soft!) skin as result. Cleaning my skin in the evening becomes a little moment of spa. With its dual-speed option, you can opt for a soft or more intense cleaning. Perfect for a dry, sensitive winter skin as well as a greasier summer skin. Besides the daily cleaning brush, the kit comes with an exfoliating and a silicone exfoliating brush that just made my home spa complete.”

“Did you know our skin reacts differently to different temperatures? The ‘facial wand’ thus says to use a cold and a hot setting for optimal skincare. Let’s see about that. Within 10 seconds the hot mode indeed opens the pores and boosts the absorption of day cream. (Watch out, can get really hot). The cool mode closes the pores, reducing redness and fine lines. (Not all the redness is gone, but the feeling is great). The sonic vibrations add an extra touch to the treatment by giving a (really) gentle massage. The teardrop-shaped form is certainly perfect to tackle the sensitive skin below your eyes. Result? A healthy glow, a radiantly soft skin and a happy customer.”

“’Spin for a perfect skin’, a product name takes sets high expectations. If they were met? The product looks nice and has lots of options. The two small brushes are ideal to sweep away dead skin cells and impurities once a week and are easy to use. With my sensitive skin, I did feel a little bit of irritation afterwards. So be careful, you sensitive types! I really loved the pumice stone which guarantees smooth heels and the body brush to exfoliate your body. They make you feel like you’re in a spa.”


Get Inspired: Branca Lisboa in Contemporary Urban Resort

Sunday, 17 September 2017 12:04:29 Europe/Berlin

Besides giving our beloved products a platform on our website, we love to show you what happens when professional design lovers go their way with these refined design pieces. Portuguese architect Pedro Domingos was asked to reimagine a late 18th century building and create the interior design of The Late Birds Hotel, an urban resort in the centre of Lisbon. As a pride Portuguese, Domingos picked out some of the fine Branca Lisboa design pieces to make it complete.


Dialogue Between Design and Craftmanship

Pedro Domingos designed the 12 comfortable rooms of the all-male resort as well as a number of common areas looking out on a beautiful pool courtyard. He used simple and natural materials to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere. As eye-catchting decoration, the architect chose Branca Lisboa. This product and accessory label from Lisbon has a knack for engaging a careful dialogue between design and craftmanship to become the most refined and long-lasting pieces. In The Late Birds Hotel, the architect used amongst other things the elegant Barca Lounge Chair, the conceptual Raio Lamp and the iconic Shell Lounge Chair.

Hotel Guests as Friends

“We want to treat our guests as friends”, the owners of The Late Birds Hotel say. “The interior design had to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable as they are at home among friends. The decoration combines classical freshness with the contemporary look of Portuguese design.”

The Late Birds Hotel, Lisbon

Architect Pedro Domingos (2013)

Featured products of Branca Lisboa: Shell, birch plywood. R&B Lounge, Natural Ash Wood, Stained Black. Sofo, Wood, foam and Gabriel fabrics. Nivél, Natural Oak Wood. Aranha, Natural Beech Wood. Barca, Natural Ash Wood. Aya, Natural Walnut Wood. Raio, PVC, steel ring.



About the Designer: WellDone

Thursday, 7 September 2017 15:26:26 Europe/Berlin

WellDone is design with a conscience. The origin of this Polish brand lies in the ‘Idea to Object, Object to Product’ project in which design students are challenged to create a design that is not only original, functional and technically simple but can also be handmade by the members of the Polish ‘Being Together’ Foundations that supports people returning to the labour market.


Soft crowd-pleaser

A great deal of smart designs already sprung to life thanks to this project. One of our favourites is Sheepad, designed by the Polish Aleksandra Michałowska graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdanks. This sheep is true crowd-pleaser thanks to its charming looks and eagerness to hand over its soft fleece as a coaster. The fact that purchasing Sheepad means supporting a noble cause, makes it even more lovable. This endearing animal is just too great not to have at home, isn’t it?



How to keep the summer spirit alive into September?

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 14:12:30 Europe/Berlin

As summer is almost coming to a close, garden furniture has silently witnessed numerous outside dinner parties, barbecues have been brushed off time and time again and your beach body is officially dead and buried.


But why don’t you keep the summer alive during the months to come and thus give your living room a summery touch? Some slight changes will do ànd will make a major difference.

- Take the outside inside. How? Create an urban jungle in your living room. Buy different types of plants and rather than scattering single plants, create group displays in a (each) corner of your living room. From cool indoor cacti to leafy fiddle leaf figs, houseplants can make any room spring to life. Top tip: put some of your garden furniture indoor to create a true outdoor feeling. (1. Sky Planter, Boskke)

- Use serene colours for decoration items. White is timeless, serene and simple. Green creates a natural and spatial feeling. Ochre gives your living room a summery and optimistic touch. (2. Roccamare Knitted Cushion, ENOstudio 3. Jewel vase, Louise Roe)

- Natural and soft materials will do the trick. Bamboo trays, pastel paper pompons, reed baskets and linen cushion covers. Also glass jars filled with sand, shells or flowers can create a cheerful feeling on those rainy September days. (4. Pastel Pom Poms, Engel 5. Natural Stool, House Doctor)

- Keep your kitchen shelves and fridge stuffed with crackers, olives and rose wine ‘just in case someone pops by unexpectedly for drinks and appetisers’. (6. Extra virgin olive oil, Five)

- Buy yourself a cosy firepit and some warm blankets so you can still have outside dinners on cool September nights. Nothing beats the smell of roasted marshmallows and the warmth of a real fire sparkling in the night. (7. Boo Fire Pit Basket, Skargaarden)

And be sure to keep calm, summer is not over yet.


We Love Summer! <3

Thursday, 6 July 2017 12:14:12 Europe/Berlin

Los Enamorados: Ibiza Hotspot

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 16:36:25 Europe/Berlin

For laid-back relaxing in the sun combined with a nice party, there’s only one island that comes to mind: IBIZA! But those who visited this Balearic island know that Ibiza has much more to offer. The unique and bohemian chic styled boutique hotel Los Enamorados, for example.


For Everyone Who Loves Life

Let’s start with a little background on this hidden gem located at the quiet and most Northern harbour of Portinatx. The hotel is the work of Rozemarijn de Witte and Pierre Traversier, a Dutch/French-Antillean couple who have been enjoying travelling the entire world together. A couple of years ago, they came across an abandoned building and decided to buy and renovate the place into an uncomplicated hotel for everyone who loves life. The name of their ambitious project? Los Enamorados – the lovers – just like they are.


Inspiring and Romantic Little Paradise

Together, Rozemarijn and Pierre made Los Enamorados into a jewel. Pierre oversaw the construction while Rozemarijn took care of the decoration. The hotel with nine rooms – all with sea view and different decoration – radiates colour and incorporates influences from all over the world: France, Morocco, Spain, the Netherlands … Objects they found on flea markets combined with new design, and the best thing, it’s all for sale. When planning a trip to Ibiza, why not considering this inspiring and romantic little paradise?


From 225 euro per night,


Pictures: Liselore Chevalie


Interior Designer Anthony Boelaert & Decovry for MeetDistrict

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 14:53:45 Europe/Berlin

When entering Ghent, there is no way not to notice the imposing Ghelamco Arena, the home of the Ghentian soccer club KAA Gent. Besides a soccer temple, the Ghelamco Arena also accommodates MeetDistrict, an upscale business hub for entrepreneurs of today. This business village – with an enviable view on the soccor field – offers fit-out workspaces, inspiring meeting rooms and a sociable atmosphere. The latter, we at Decovry can tell from our own experience as we have our offices at this fine working space as well.


Upscale Co-Working Space with Street Style

With more than 10.000 m² to play with, interior designer Anthony Boelaert was ready to take up the challenge. “MeetDistrict is pioneering in Belgium as an upscale co-working space, so the look and feel had to be perfect”, Anthony says. “We wanted to create an environment where all kinds of businesses could prosper in an atmosphere that is professional but relaxed at the same time. The interior had to be beautiful and timeless without being too cold or clean. Therefore, we added a dash of street style. The result is a beautiful mix between timeless design, made to measure, vintage and street.”


Partnering up with Decovry

For the decoration of the 1st and 5th floor, MeetDistrict and Anthony were assisted by Decovry. “With their vast product offering of more than 50.000 products, Decovry was the perfect partner to help me with the furnishing”, Anthony continues. “For instance, I was looking for a Scandinavian styled two-seater you can’t find elsewhere. Shortly after my demand, the Decovry team came up with 3 suggestions. For the all-round feel of the market place on the 5th floor, Decovry made a mood board with mood pictures and photos. This guidance was very helpful to make furnishing decisions fast and efficiently in order to create an exceptional and affordable interior design.”


Do you want to discuss a project? Contact us here.


8 Ideas to Create an Industrial Chic Home Décor

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 15:14:50 Europe/Berlin

Pic: Architects EAT - Location: Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Your home is a place where you feel at ease and where you love to surround yourself with the people you care about. Besides this, you want your home to be a reflection of who you are and what you like. An industrial chic home styling gives your home a powerful yet refined look. It’s a look that gives your home an edge and that you’ll love for the long haul.


Shop the look to get your own industrial chic inspired home look


1. Pendant Lamp, In-es.artdesign  2. Inspiring Wall Signs, Dekosign  3. Minimalist Bar Stools, Mater  4. Urban Fingerprints, Prinzip  5. Wooden Table, Mitja  6. Statement Chair, Ars Fabricandi  7. Woven Design Rug, Hanna Korvela  8. Floor Lamp, House Doctor


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