Who run the world? Girls! Yes, also in the world of design, a lot of women are creating inventive and beautiful objects. Today, we feature 7 female designers with a strong wish and the stamina to accomplish their dream.


AR.M | Anna Rosa Moschouti


Three years ago, Anna Rosa Moschouti was dreaming of becoming a successful architect. Little did she know that two years later she would quit her dream job as an architect in the Netherlands, in order to fully pursue her side-job of making statement jewellery. Studying architecture gave her all the necessary tools to explore her aesthetics and design skills; she got in touch with technologies such as parametric design, laser cutting & 3D printing while she discovered her big love for good craftsmanship. In 2017 Anna Rosa deemed it is time to take a more professional turn by establishing her eponymous brand under which she will explore in greater depth her connection with her craft and the fashion industry. Her brand, AR.M | Anna Rosa Moschouti, comes from a more empowered and confident place. She envisions to offer a great variety of everyday design jewellery, while putting her architectural signature more evidently in her work.

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La Femme Garniture


La Femme Garniture is the label founded by Sabine Van Acker. Inspired by her father, who was shoe designer, Sabine designs knitwear accessories for fashion and interior. She developed a unique style that is elegant and warm, with a slight vintage feel. As a former graphic designer, Sabine has an eye for detail and is constantly searching for new textures, structures and patterns in different materials. Her ability to almost feel colour and her intuition and deep knowledge of materials lead to these products. All her work become knitted in Belgium.

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Mette Ditmer


Mette Ditmer has been designing and selling interior accessories under her own name since 1995. Design, quality and concept – those are the key words for Mette Ditmer’s range. From the first line on paper until the final product, much time is spent on details. This means that every concept is thought through in expression and form. “Keep it simple” is her motto. Mette Ditmer stands for a pure, simple and honest design – the Scandinavian way of thinking and designing. Her style is graphic, colourful and always with a twist. “Design is like real life: it is the small things, the details, which make the difference."

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Swedish Posture


A poor posture, a constant reminder of parents, a broken collar bone and hard work are key ingredients that made Swedish Posture global. Emma Pihl, the founder, realized that today’s deskbound routine has led to an epidemic of poor posture due to inadequate movements coupled with too little exercise or inactive lifestyle. As a solution she invented her brand with some inspiration from the rehabilitation of a broken collarbone. Swedish Posture has developed products that contribute to improved posture, and adding mobility into your life while you're spending time completing other activities. A kind reminder for better posture and the perfect remedy for bunch backs and iPad necks.

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With the aim of growing professionally in the design world, Silvia Ceñal (1985) has started her own journey. The first step was creating her first line of products, based on the knowledge acquired during her short professional career. Her new creations are inspired in the wood's warmth and simplicity and the color's joy. Her eagerness and aim to go a long way in the world of design make her work every day with the same motivation than the first one. Nowadays, she works with companies of furniture and lighting sector such as Lithuanian company Emko.

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Redopapers is a project by Linde Luyten and Tille Lingier; two graphic designers based in Antwerp. With redopapers, they give new life to paper surplus. Driven by a passion for real craftsmanship, typography and beautiful, tactile design, Redopapers explores ways to repurpose this paper to create unique, handmade design products.

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