We love to give you an insight of what we think will be huge in 2018. These are the eight interior trends you can’t miss this year!


1. Boudoir with velvet & brass

If you thought velvet was big in 2017 prepare for 2018. This luxurious and lush fabric will dominate any interior this year. You’ll find them in soft powder colours as well as dark tones. Go for a brass plated base for a refined overall boudoir look.

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2. Rotan

Rotan, a good old friend, is still a vital classic in your interior. This natural and decorative material is present in all kinds of interior pieces such as sideboards, desks and lamps.

Shop the Trend: Snd. | Elegant Furniture with Rotan


3. Animal Adornment

Animal-inspired furniture & decoration items fill your home with a dose of wit and surprise. Candle holders, vases and even life-sized lamps. You chose how far you want to go.

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4. Green Interior

Plants have increased their popularity in the past few years. An up-to-date home interior is no longer complete without a touch of green. We saw the typical old-fashion ‘Sansevieria’ plants, the air plants and now the glass covered plants. Minimal maintenance. Maximum effect.

Shop the Trend: Piklaplant | Greenery in a Glass Jar


5.Tile-Patterned Vinyl

Thanks to the advanced innovation in its appearance, vinyl is gaining popularity. Even though you have tons of patterns to chose from, it’s the tile-patterned vinyl flooring that is your style of preference to be on-trend in 2018.

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6. Smart Living

Who wouldn’t love to live bigger? To tackle this issue, more and more practical interior solutions are conceived. A foldaway piece of furniture that you use as bookcase and desk? We love it.

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7. Shelves, Shelves, Shelves

Shelves in all sizes are a way to style your interior with your favourite objects and store your books, vinyl collection or even plants. A perfect example as well, of smart living in smaller spaces.

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8. Colourful Living

Trending ultraviolet, vibrant turquoise, sunshine yellow, sophisticated dusty rose … Time to cheer up your home décor with some vivacious colours. Pop some colours on your walls or add some bright home details.

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