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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. About Us
  2. About The Sales
  3. About Orders
  4. About Payment
  5. About Shipment
  6. About Returns
  7. About My Account

About Us

What is Decovry?
Decovry is an online shopping website where we feature weekly sales of new home & decoration products. Each sale last for 7 days. Decovry is a member-only website.

Why is there a limited sales period?
As the products we offer are limited in quantity, we only sell during a very specific time period. A limited sales period also gives our customers the guarantee that they can buy exclusive items, not available for everyone.

Why do I need to be a member to get access to the sales?
This is the only way we can guarantee a great selection of designers and brands with a limited quantity or with a reduction. As Decovry is members-only, we give to our customers an exclusive experience and we protect our designers. Membership is free but numbers are limited.

How can I become a member?
Please register with the link you’ve received by email or use the email address of any friend you know that is already a member. You could as well register direcly on the site simply by entering a valid email address and a password. Your membership will be confirmed by email.

How does work?

  1. You need to register to get access to our sales
  2. Registration is free.  Simply enter a valid email address and a password on homepage.
  3. You will receive an email to confirm your membership
  4. You get access to our weekly sales on the website
  5. At the start of every new sale, you’ll be invited by email and get access to our sales through the direct link in the email or directly on the Decovry site through your login and password. At the website you can see the theme and the duration of every sale.
  6. You only can buy during 7 days and can only buy online
  7. The products you like can be added to your cart. Each item in your cart will be available for max 30 minutes.
  8. Your order is final when you do the checkout and your payment has been approved. Payment is possible by VISA, MASTERCARD, IDEAL or MAESTRO.
  9. Once your order is complete, you ll receive an email with the confirmation of your order. Standard, orders are delivered within 20 days after the end of a sale. For some products the delivery time might be longer, but this will be mentioned in the specifications of your order.
  10. Return is possible within 14 days after the receipt of the goods.

What products can I expect on
We sell new, unknown products from brands and designers who value strict design principles such as : sustainability, recycled materials, handmade, natural, fairtrade, … We only sell products if there is an interesting story behind it. You will a only find items for home, kids, outdoors, workplace, accessories and art featuring sustainability and authenticity.

What is “share, buy and earn cash”?
At, we want you to be rewarded for being one of our special members. By sharing with friends or by buying very specific products, you can earn credits. For each action, you will get a special badge.
There are 7 ways to earn credits:

  1. Every new member is rewarded with the "Decovry Member" Badge
  2. When you share the Decovry link on your Facebook wall, then you earn the "Decovry Fan" Badge.  Your personal link is shared on Facebook, this will help you to earn the Friend's Badge 
  3. 5 friends have joined then you earn 10€ credits as well as the Decovry Friend Badge
  4. 10€ additional credits when each friend makes a first purchase within 4 months after registration. At the purchase of your first friend you have earned the Decovry Ambassador Badge
  5. As soon as you have made your first purchase on Decovry, you'll be rewarded with the "Decovry Customer" Badge
  6. Refer us to a brand or designer. We love to hear from you which designers and brands you like. When this brand / designer comes on sale on our site within the next 4 months then you earn 10€ credits and one of the most prestigious badges : Decovry Stylist Badge. Be fast, only the first brand spotter will be rewarded.
  7. Buy exclusive products. On a regular basis you’ll find Exclusive Products on our website. These exclusive products are carefully selected eye catchers and are highlighted with a small icon. At the moment of purchase you’ll be rewarded with 10€ credit and the Decovry Exclusive Hunter Badge

Please go to “Share, buy and earn cash” on our website for more information.

How can I become a VIP?
As a special thank you for being actively involved in the Decovry community, we have designed an exclusive VIP Program. If you gather 4 out of 7 badges, you’ll be rewarded with our highly sought after VIP membership.

How can I invite friends?
You can simply invite friends by clicking on the tab "invite friends" or clicking below the badge "Invite friends"  in the tab "share, buy & earn cash" . There are 3 ways to invite friends : Enter here the email addresses of your friends manually; or get contacts of your facebook account and invite them; or through a personalised link you would like to share.


About The Sales

How does sales work?
Once a member of, you will receive an email at the start of every new sale. You get access to our sales through the direct link in the email or directly on the Decovry site through your login and password. At the website you can see the theme and the duration of every sale. The products you like can be added to your cart. Each item in your cart will be available for max 30 minutes. You can buy several products of different designers at the same time.
Your order is final when you do the checkout and your payment has been approved. Payment is possible by VISA, MASTERCARD, IDEAL or MAESTRO. Once your order is complete, you ll receive an email with the confirmation of your order. Standard, orders are delivered within 20 days after the end of a sale. For some products the delivery time might be longer, but this will always be mentioned in the specifications of your order.

What if I want something that is sold out?
If we have sold out an item, you can usually find it directly on that brand’s website. You will probably have to pay full price, but hey, you are supporting an amazing company and getting a great product. If you cannot find it yet on the company’s website, please contact us and we’ll try to find a spot near to you where you can possibly buy it.

Why can you mostly offer discounts on your products?
By directly working with the exclusive designers and brands, and by not having an upfront stock, we can propose attractive prices or other incentives. Though, we are not an outlet or a destocking company, and only sell new or unseen products featuring authenticity and sustainability.

What do the prices shown represent?
Prices always represent the price of the good, not the shipment or any other costs such as customs, additional services etc. (unless stated otherwise)

I do not receive any mail about the sales announcements, how comes?
In case you do not receive our email, probably your email provider does consider our mails as spam. Please add our emailadres to your contactpersons. If this is not the reason, please contact us

What is the guarantee on the products of Decovry?
The products we offer on are always selected with the greatest care. Standard, you have the right to send back a product within 14 days after receipt of the goods. Some products cannot be returned however, and will be mentioned in the specifications of the product you order, please check our Terms & Conditions.

Do the colors on the website always reflect the colors of the delivered products?
Normally yes, but as we work a lot with handmade and authentic products, there might be a slight difference in size, colour or weight. Though, our pictures are of good quality and represent as good as possible our real products.

What does it mean “sold out”?
Sold out means you cannot buy the item anymore. As we only work with limited quantities, stock might run out very soon. So be quick and do not hesitate to buy something if you like it.

How can I become a supplier?
Please contact us at with your story and products and we will get in touch with you.

What are credits?
We want you to be rewarded to be one of our exclusive members. Credits can be earned by sharing or buying a specific product. Your credits are valid for a period of 4 months. Please go to “share, buy and earn credits” for more information.


About Orders

I want to place an order, what should I know and how does it work?
See our terms & conditions for everything about payment security and privacy policy. To order items, add an item to your cart and go to the checkout (you can find the button at the right).
Once you are at the checkout, your details will be asked to be able to ship the item to your place. Also your payment details are needed to confirm your order. Once ordered, an email will be sent to you with the confirmation of your order. We will follow-up with another mail as soon as the order is shipped from our warehouse.

When will my order arrive?
At we set a delivery time of 20 days after the end of that sale, if not sooner. When the sale closes, our supplier ships the products to us and then we prepare them for shipment so we can then ship directly to you. Delivery times are longer than on a traditional webshop, as we do not stock our products. By doing this, we can offer a broader range of products and give exclusive prices. For some articles the delivery time is longer than 20 days. If this is the case, we will highlight this information on the specifications tab of the product page concerned. In case you would have a problem with the delivery of your goods, please contact us and we’ll get in contact with our transporter. Orders can always be tracked from sending to delivery.

Which methods of delivery are possible?
For the time being, delivery is only possible by our logistic partners : DHL, BPost, PostNL, Mondial Relay & DPD.

How can I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order at any time at My Account. Moreover, you will receive an email when your order has been shipped . In case you would have any problem receiving your order, please contact us and we will track the status of your order with our transporters.

Can I cancel or modify my order?
You can cancel an order at when the current sale has not ended. Once the sale has ended, it won’t be possible anymore to cancel your order. For canceling your order, please go to “My Account/My orders”, select the order you would like t cancel, and click “Cancel Order”. You will receive a confirmation by email and the total amount of your order will be paid back on the card used during the checkout. Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to modify an order. However, if the current sale is still ongoing, we recommend you to cancel your current order and immediately place a new order. Please be aware that “modifying” your order can imply that the products ordered earlier won’t be available anymore at the moment of change, as we only work with very limited quantities.

Is it possible to offer a gift card to a friend?
It is possible to give an electronic gift card to a friend. Click on the gift icon on the top of the webpage and choose the amount.  You will have the option to add a personal message.  Add it to your card and go to checkout.  The Gift Card will then be sent to the person you want to. You can of course also send the Gift Card to yourself, print it and deliver personally.


About Payments

Which are the means of payment accepted by Decovry?
At, you can pay with Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and Ideal. For the online payment process, we work together with Ogone, market leader in Europe in secure online payments.

Are the payments by card really protected? uses the most advanced secure technics. All communication through the Internet is coded based on the SSL-encryption (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure an optimal security. For the online payments works with Ogone, the market leader in Europe in secure online payments. This means does at no moment have confidential payment data. does not save any payment data. For this reason we ask you to bring in your card number and card details for every transaction.


About Shipment

Can I save cost of shipment by grouping different products in a sale?
Yes, you can. The shipment cost is calculated on your total order, based on weight and measurements. The more products you will have, the less your shipment cost will be per product. Grouping product of one and the same sale is only possible if you choose the same shipment address and method. However, be aware the delivery of goods might differ from one product to another. When the delivery time is totally different we will give you the option to ship the goods together or separately. If together, you will save on the cost of shipment, but will need to wait longer. If separately, you will pay a cost of shipment for every delivery, though you will receive the goods with a shorter delivery time faster.

Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we ship to following EU countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, UK, Ireland, Finland and Austria. If you do not find your country on the list, email us at with “international shipping” in the subject line and we will let you know when we do.

What is the cost of shipment?
Delivery costs are calculated automatically according to the place of delivery, the weight and the total volume of the ordered articles, in order to ensure you a cost as fair as possible. For each order, we indicate the amount of the delivery costs to you once you have selected the address of delivery and the means of transport, before the confirmation of your order.

Herewith you can find our shipment rates per country (for shipments below 30kg):

Countryweight          Price (eur)
Netherlands, Belgium,Luxembourg <1KG 2,99
  <5KG 5,99
  >5KG 7,99
Germany, France, UK, Austria  <5KG 9,99

 >5KG 12,99
Spain,Italy, Sweden,Denmark, Ireland, Poland  <5KG 17,49

 >5KG 19,99
Portugal, Finland <30KG 29,99


Which companies are used to send the goods?
Depending on the country, the weight of the packages and the special specifications, we use Bpost, DPD,PostNL, DHL or Mondial Relay. Please contact us in case you would like to have more information on your specific order.

What should I do in case I was there is nobody to take delivery of the parcel?
In the event of absence, our transporter will leave a delivery notice in your letter-box which will enable you to collect your parcel at the address and according to methods indicated by the transporter. In the event of the item not being collected within the time limits stated by the transporter, the products will be returned to Decovry.

How the goods are packed?
As we are concerned about the environment, your order might be packed in re-used paper or boxes. If not, we use packaging which is made of min 70% recycled paper. However, we always take care the goods are well packed, according to the standard requirements.


About Returns

What do I do if something is missing or damaged from my parcel?
In the event of a delivery problem with your order, contact us as quickly as possible to inform us of it, via our email address or by telephone. Please be aware that it’s the customer responsibility to open the packages you receive by your transporter. If no claims are given within 2 days after receipt, Decovry will not be responsible for any damage or missing goods.

Do you accept returns?
Yes. You have a legal right to 14 days as from the reception of the goods to announce to us your intention to return the product and your reason for this return. All the products on the site can be returned, except those marked to the contrary. Returned products must be intact, in a perfect state for resale, and in their original packaging. They cannot have been worn, used or to have suffered even minimum deterioration, and must be in a state of perfect cleanliness. Any product which is damaged, incomplete, or whose original packing is deteriorated, will be neither refunded nor exchanged. We offer you a store credit and in the event of a return you will have the amount credited to your account (excl the shipment costs). The shipment cost of the order as well as the shipment cost of the return of goods is at charge of the customer. The shipment costs are only paid in case something was wrong with your order. Your request for return can be carried out by contacting the us either by email or telephone, and they will indicate to the Customer the methods to be followed. As of reception of the return authorization email, you can return the chosen products, in their original packaging, accompanied by the invoice and the return sheet to the address indicated. The cost of returning the product is at your charge.

Can I change the goods ordered?
As at the products we are selling are limited in quantity, and as we do not take upfront stock of the goods sold, it is not possible to change your items. You can however return the goods, go to “Do you accept returns” for more information.

How a return is paid?
Upon reception of your return parcel and the validation by our services, you will receive a confirmation email of your item having been returned. Next Decovry will create a credit for the amount which will appear in your online account. You will also receive a confirmation email for this credit. Your credit is valid for a period of 4 months. It appears automatically in your shopping basket as soon as you have identified yourself on the site, using your email address and your password.


About My Account

I have forgotten my login and/or password.
Your login is simply your email address. To get your password again, go to the homepage and click on: “Forgot your password?” We will send you your password to your email address.

How can I change my personal account information?
All your personal information can be changed in Your Account.

What can I do to not receive the mails anymore? How can I unsubscribe?
Simply click on the link “If you do not wish to receive our newsletters any more, click here” located at the bottom of each newsletter.


What is the policy as regards confidentiality?
Check our Terms and conditions to read more about our privacy policy

I have another question, that was not answered here.
Please email us at



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