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Vincent Sheppard | A Belgian Interior

Vincent Sheppard

A Belgian Interior

Vincent Sheppard is a Belgian furniture company specialised in producing paper woven Lloyd Loom furniture. Atelier N/7 is the Vincent Sheppard design laboratory. Here they blend avant-garde design with natural materials and traditional seating comfort. They produce furniture made from a traditional product, and combine it with new sustainable products in order to create original creative pieces with a distinctive design which fit in a diversity of interiors. Vincent Sheppard is a vertically integrated company with a factory in Indonesia and in Belgium. Vincent Sheppard has a very broad collection, ranging from dining chairs, sofas, to beds and loungers; and produces both Indoor and Outdoor quality furniture. A Vincent Sheppard model has a distinguished design, true to the idea that quality and comfort should go hand in hand with design and beauty. Their goal is to create eco friendly furniture with a distinctly recognisable design, focused on comfort, which truly adds character and charisma to an interior or setting.