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Jay | Funky Letterboards


Funky Letterboards

“Let’s talk about gifts for men! Depressing, isn’t it? Sure, there are lads’ gifts, there are even blokey gifts, but what about just a decent gift for a man? A gift you wouldn’t hand over with that air of embarrassment or a gift you wouldn’t open and feel compelled to say “no... this is great... really!” Which is why we’re here! We want to create great gifts reflecting the broad interests of today’s men and that don’t presume we’re all sport mad.” Besides really cool gifts for men, JAY has a big love for nature that extends to their methods of manufacture. Everything they make is suitable for vegans, their products are all cruelty free without compromising on the design.
  • Black Letter Board + White Letters
    Black Letter Board + White Letters
  • Pink Letter Board + Black Letters
    Pink Letter Board + Black Letters