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La Maison Nouvelle | Royal Lingerie

La Maison Nouvelle

Royal Lingerie

Speed-catch-ups on the phone while rushing to work. Breakfast still in your bag. Running on your heels to the copy machine to meet a deadline while checking your e-mails on your cell phone … We all rush into life and almost forget to take time to enjoy the beautiful moments of the present. With La Maison Nouvelle, Maaike Nieuwenhuis and her team want ladies to become more aware of those moments. By creating elegant lingerie made of French lace and lovely satin, the Dutch label wants all ladies to give themselves some attention. Maaike use to design for big fashion brands but started to wonder whether this was her true calling. So she started gathering the most beautiful laces from all over the world. “The more the concept, brand and product developed, I began to realize there is so much more”, says Maaike. “What I really enjoyed was listening to your unique stories. Stories like my personal journey. The vulnerability and uncertainty we all experience on a daily basis have become the inspiration for the more focus on ‘you’ in my creations.”