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Nordstjerne | Scandinavian Raw Material


Scandinavian Raw Material

A creative mind and a piece of sealskin were the starting point for Henriette Bach, founder of Nordstjerne, which means North star in Danish, in 2011. This led to the first success with a collection of Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decorations made out of natural materials such as sealskin, wood, marble and porcelain. Today Nordstjerne is an international leader when it comes to marble and charmes the rest of the world with other functional yet graceful items. The brand is very much inspired by the rawness of the Scandinavian and Greenlandic landscapes. Nordstjerne wishes to combine convenience, high quality and elegance with a hint of everyday glamour to bring a very unique Scandinavian feeling indoor.
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    Large Glass Vase with Brass Stand

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    Large Glass Vase with Brass Stand
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    White Marble | Candle Holder
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    White Marble | Candle Holder