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Van Tjalle & Jasper | Handcrafted Lighting & Clocks

Van Tjalle & Jasper

Handcrafted Lighting & Clocks

Van Tjalle en Jasper design and loooove to make furniture. Even more, they’re always busy doing just that. But then only in their own way: far away from the main stream and current trends, and only by their own design standards. Since they dispose of a large workshop they not only design but also manufacture all of the furniture themselves. That way they follow quality through right from the design down to the final product. They have been friends since they were young and have been following their own paths in terms of education and work for the past years. Tjalle followed industrial design studies and Jasper has been working for a couple of years as a artisanal cabinet maker. In the spring of 2012 they decided to create and produce some furniture together. A fruitful decision that has been growing since then to what it is today.