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Swurfer Swingboard
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Swurfer Swingboard Swurfer Swingboard Swurfer Swingboard Swurfer Swingboard Swurfer Swingboard Swurfer Swingboard Swurfer Swingboard Swurfer Swingboard


Swurfer Swingboard

Designed by Gifts for KIDS

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With its unique patent-pending shape, the Swurfer gives you more power, stability, and a wider range of motion than traditional swings - inspiring people of all ages and abilities to unplug, get out, and hang out! Hop on to unwind, play, have fun, workout, stretch, practice extreme board tricks when you’re not on the water/snow, or perfect your core balance. It’s a great fit for both kids and adults, it’s relaxing yet energizing, it’s extreme yet calm, it’s athletic yet also therapeutic, but most of all it helps balance out time spent indoors. Hang out in your backyard, or branch out and take your Swurfer with you on your next hiking, camping, picnic, or road trip to hang it from some sweet soar spots! Size rope is 80 inch /2 m, wooden hand grips and extra surfgrip pads are not included.

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United States
100% hardrock maple wood with UV and water resistant finish
Board: 84 x 25 cm; ropes: 80 inch (2 m)
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Maximum Weight: 115 kg. Comes with 1 pair of UV/Mildew resistant ropes. Not included: wooden hand grips, extra surfgrip pads.The recommended age is 6+.

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Gifts for KIDS

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