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Minigarden | Create your Vertical Mini-Garden


Create your Vertical Mini-Garden

Minigarden is a brand of the Quizcamp Company. Created in 2005, Quizcamp® is a Portuguese agro-alimentary company, with its headquarters in Alentejo, Quinta N. Senhora do Rosário, Santiago do Escoural, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal. Quizcamp ® is led by a young and dynamic team, with diverse successful business experience in areas of real-estate, chemical industries, alimentary commerce, naval industries and fishing industries. A structured and business oriented vision of agriculture is fundamental to achieve success in this industry. There are few activities that give us as much pleasure as working the soil. Even on the most stressful of days, taking care of our little garden relaxes both body and mind and helps to restore our positive energies. With Minigarden you can now enjoy the pleasures of gardening on patios, balconies or in any room of your house or apartment. And what better way to decorate your house than with a beautiful garden? With the help of Minigarden you can now give all your favourite dishes an even more personal touch. Grow your own herbs and add them for extra flavour while you’re preparing you favourite recipes.