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Palomar | Eccentric Lifestyle Objects


Eccentric Lifestyle Objects

The company’s name – Palomar – was taken from the main character in Italo Calvino’s novel. The book is about skies and stars, lawns and waves, and about man who observe and contemplate the sky and stars, lawns and waves. The company’s origin lies in the great Florentine optical engineering heritage; indeed, Palomar’s original nucleus, its technical/scientific background, dates from 1956. Then, in 2007 Palomar made the decision to shift their focus to design. Today they are a firm that conceives, designs and produces a highly selected group of items with a specific cultural accent and each relates to Mr. Palomar’s world: the gaze (telescopes, binoculars, eyeglasses), chronological and meteorological time (perpetual calendars, barometers and thermometers) and space – heaven and earth – (globes and maps).