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AIKAdesign | Timeproof Design from Finland


Timeproof Design from Finland

The AIKA products are designed by Henri Sydänheimo, who graduated from the Helsinki School of Art and Design in 2008. Already during his studies, he was interested in designing practical and stylish solutions. The AIKA designs are based on a will and need to develop products that function as practical interior design elements. In the design, form and practicality go hand in hand. After graduating, Henri has worked in his own company that, in addition to industrial design, also offers services in graphic design. AIKA is a backlash to the use-and-throw-away consumption of our time – the products come with 10-year warranty and will endure time. AIKA products prove it to be true. The fireplace products, traditionally thought of as everyday objects, are finally an essential part of the fireplace room decoration. The skilfully crafted AIKA products are mainly handmade. The quality of the products results from the craftsmanship of the Finnish company Arvemet Plc manufacturing.