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Brafab | Elegant Swedish Outdoor Furniture


Elegant Swedish Outdoor Furniture

We may not be city people, but we understand the value of thinking big while acting locally, with integrity and honesty. We are who we are mainly due to the fact that we have been in the business for 80 years. Bror Carlsson was a chapman who started the company 1930 when he sold brushes, home woven baskets and trays from the back of his truck to the farms in the area around Össjö, in Halland. When his son Rolf joined the company, they took to selling directly to other companies, and in 1975 the company turned into an expansive wholesale operation. And this is where it comes from, the feeling for service and hard work, which are necessary incentives for a solid growth. The company culture is characterized by being born and raised in the countryside where people have carried out carpentry and created handcraft for their own undemanding benefits. It has created an entrepreneurial spirit that knows the value of being able to produce on a big scale, manage import, and develop the business. It’s a spirit that particularly honours the personal relationships. For us, a handshake has the same value as a signature on paper. And we care for the relationship with the customer just as much as we do with the supplier and the retailer.