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Dedo Lounge Chair | SmelRes
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Dedo Lounge Chair | SmelRes Dedo Lounge Chair | SmelRes Dedo Lounge Chair | SmelRes Dedo Lounge Chair | SmelRes Dedo Lounge Chair | SmelRes

Dedo Lounge Chair | SmelRes

Designed by Gazzda

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Looking for comfortable, timeless lazy chair to serve you through your lifetime? Then you’ve come to the right place. This chair is made out of solid oak, is ergonomic, strong, light and has an uncompromising design. Available in sturdy real leather or in fabric. Its pillows can be easily adjusted in height to make it comfortable for people of all ages and sizes. Why this chair is named Dedo? Dedo is an affectionate Bosnian word for grandpa. And this chair is an ode to all grandfathers that live and have lived – the one and only rulers in history of lazy chairs. Who didn’t have a grandfather that always has a dedicated lazy chair in his home? Most people can bring up a memory of their grandfather sitting on one, telling stories about how things used to be during his days…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Oak, SmellRes
H 101.5 x W 70 x D 87.5 cm

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12.03.2019 - 18.03.2019
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Gazzda is founded in 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Head designer Salih Teskeredzic won two Interior Innovation Awards at the 2012 IMM Furniture Fair, Cologne, and four at the same event in 2011. He was nominated for three '12 German Design Awards. Gazzda creates furniture because they have a passion for it ! Their goal is to spice up your home with extraordinary designed stuff you will want to look at and will make you relax and smile. Gazzda believes your house should be a place you're always happy to return to. Why work late on days when you know perfectly well there's no more work to do? You're just sitting there staring at the screen, looking for the latest buzz on the net. Go home, and swap your desk for some comfort! Get a bottle from your Gazzda cabinet, settle in next to your partner, and put your feet up - why not play that Hugh Grant movie for the 14th time!? Gazzda exists so you will feel comfortable and happy in your space. Relax, knowing they will keep doing what they do - all you have to do is enjoy.