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Hanna Korvela | Woven Design Rugs

Hanna Korvela

Woven Design Rugs

Welcome to the world of Hanna Korvela. This Finnish rug designer stipulates that life is filled with sensation: feeling the touch of different materials, sensing the scent of pure air, hearing both sounds and silence, tasting different flavours. Her respect for human sensations gave birth to ‘Hanna Korvela Design’ in 1994. The international breakthrough came in 1997, when Korvela’s ‘Duetto’ carpet made of cotton and paper yarn was awarded with the prestigious “Red Dot Design Award”. Since then Hanna Korvela has received numerous awards.

In her oeuvre, a modern design idiom is blended with the ancient Scandinavian tradition of weaving rugs. Pure, ecologically sustainable raw materials anchor her rugs to nature. The name Hanna Korvela also stands for clear shapes, superior quality and harmonic beauty. Sensing and understanding customer needs is Hanna Korvela’s leading principle. This means that the sizes of all products can be tailored to customers’ wishes. Today, Hanna Korvela is one of the largest and most respected carpet design companies in Finland.

  • Handwoven Duetto | White
    Handwoven Duetto | White
  • Handwoven Duetto | Stone
    Handwoven Duetto | Stone
  • Handwoven Duetto | Cream
    Handwoven Duetto | Cream
  • Handwoven Duetto | Black
    Handwoven Duetto | Black
  • Handwoven Duetto | Grey
    Handwoven Duetto | Grey
  • Handwoven Duetto | Nutria
    Handwoven Duetto | Nutria