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Himmee | Fine Finnish Light


Fine Finnish Light

Meet Timo Niskanen. For the past year and a half he has been devoting all of his spare time to one thing, and now he is ready to show it to the world, it’s called HIMMEE. He is a designer, a high school teacher, and last but not least, a father of two sons. Back in his childhood he played a lot with Lego and had a NHL career as a distant dream. During his professional career he has designed products, marketing material and all things related to that. Motivated by his own mission he has travelled the world carrying his lamps around to try and find the right manufacturers for them. He has managed to find a couple of good ones but the collaboration always ended for various reasons. Bored with constant calculating and compromises, he had put the lamp business aside and concentrated on teaching. And still, his passion brought him back to lamp design and the idea for his own lighting brand began to develop in his mind. He had doubts about leaping from being a designer to handling the whole business but the encouragement from his loved ones helped and he decided to launch his own brand. Himmee is his idea of good design without middlemen, compromises and calculation, directly to you and for you.