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kutikai | Playful Furniture For Our Little Ones


Playful Furniture For Our Little Ones

Caring mothers know this exciting moment far too well: your child leaves his crib and makes the transition to the ‘big’ bed. But how can the secure feeling of their familiar cocoon find its way to their new place to sleep? This is one of the questions that kept architects/designers Marysia and Dorotha from Kraków awake at night. As an answer to their problem, they created the brand Kutikai. Their homemade designs are based on the daily environment and needs of the child itself. Multifunctional, secure furniture produced out of local and qualitative wood with the same sense of creativity as their offspring. Bedtime stories and sweet dreams aren’t the only purpose of their ‘Toddler bed’, it’s also a perfect place to hide and a bookshelf at once. Climbing up and off the bed is always a pleasure thanks to the extra low design. The long mattress gives restless sleepers the comfort they need. Kutikai’s ‘Playhouse desk’ on the other hand shows that drawing and playing house can perfectly rhyme. Compact design with a playful twist, clean and tidy in one, two, three…
  • Crib
    • Size
  • Crib Peekabo
    • Size
    Crib Peekabo
  • Toddler Bed Peekaboo
    Toddler Bed Peekaboo
  • Peekaboo Nappy Changer
    Peekaboo Nappy Changer
  • Nappy Changer
    Nappy Changer
  • Toddler Bed
    Toddler Bed
  • Bookcase
  • Bookcase Peekaboo
    Bookcase Peekaboo
  • Desk Peekaboo
    Desk Peekaboo
  • Playhouse Desk
    Playhouse Desk
  • Chest Of Drawers
    Chest Of Drawers
  • Chest Of Drawers Peekaboo
    Chest Of Drawers Peekaboo
  • Wardrobe Peekaboo
    Wardrobe Peekaboo
  • Wardrobe
  • Crib-extension Roof
    • Size
    Crib-extension Roof
  • Peekaboo Bed Safety Rail
    • Size
    Peekaboo Bed Safety Rail