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Pilke by Showroom Finland | Finnish Storage Items

Pilke by Showroom Finland

Finnish Storage Items

The aim of Pilke is to develop innovative new products combining Finnish wood material and computer aided manufacturing techniques. Their method is called “Modern Craft”, where knowledge of wood material is as important as ever but craft skills are combined with computer aided production expertise such as CNC milling and laser cutting. Pilke lights are entirely made from Finnish birch by local craftsmen. Tuukka Halonen is a Finnish designer with an international background at Habitat and Tom Dixon’s Design Office. It was actually in London, where Tuukka and Showroom Finland first learned to know each other several years back. Since then, after many mutual experiences at different design events and trade shows, the cooperation of Tuukka and Showroom Finland has now moved to a concrete level with the PILKE collection. Pure functional design and quality, made in Finland.