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Punt Mobles | Clever Contemporary Furniture

Punt Mobles

Clever Contemporary Furniture

Punt was founded in 1980, by a group of designers in Valencia. Punt means point in English. A line is a series of points following a certain direction through space. That is exactly what Punt stands for. Their designs are made up thanks to happy encounters and happy discoveries. Others are still searching, seeking serendipity. The brand develops in two dimensions, graphics and communications, as well as three dimensions, such as furniture. Punt values the fourth dimension, by which they mean designers, friends, clients, suppliers, and so on. After all, the story of Punt is made possible through their individual efforts. Punt has received numerous awards, such as the National Design Award 1997 in Spain and the prestigious Wallpaper Design Award in 2008. Some items of their collections can even be found in different museums, for example in London and Barcelona.