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TidyBoy | Keep it Tidy


Keep it Tidy

We are glad to present a totally new furniture label from Berlin, Germany - Tidyboy. Tidyboy was founded by James Mainwaring, an English designer based in Berlin. He and his team make modern yet classic clothes organisers by hand. We all secretly need one of these! His goal for Tidyboy was to create a range of modern day valet stands. To take what is an old fashioned concept and bring into the 21st Century. The pieces are crisp in design and beautifully proportioned. They are cleverly and subtly functional. The finish is precise and well crafted, and all of the pieces are made by a master carpenter from Berlin. We’re really excited to showcase a selection of their initial designs. Tidyboy has only been on the market for 6 weeks. They are about to begin a second 150 piece production run, and we have managed to reserve a part of this run for our members. If you’re messy, or know someone else who is or if you simply love the appeal of this modern day Valet Stand - we encourage you to furnish your apartment or home with the brand new Tidyboy.