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TRÍMM | Sailing Inspired In & Outdoor Loungers


Sailing Inspired In & Outdoor Loungers

The designers behind TRÍMM Copenhagen, Rikke Gjørlund and Tim Nielsen, have set out to create an innovative and unique brand of Danish design using sustainable, durable materials. The concept is based on a desire to achieve a balance between design, functionality, details, versatility and durability, which is particularly fulfilled by the materials from the world of sailing, the linchpin of TRÍMM Copenhagen’s products. The idea has been to create a new, international brand, which is exclusive and based on a maritime theme, but with a novel urban touch. The new maritime generation with a trendy metropolitan look. Rikke Gjørlund is a qualified print and clothing designer with extensive experience from the world of fashion. Tim Nielsen has worked as a sail maker for 18 years, specialising in yacht sails. He has also been head sail maker on two Americas Cup projects – the most prestigious sailing event in the world. TRÍMM represents straightforward, functional and durable design that showcases only what is strictly necessary – nothing more, nothing less. TRIMMs products have a strong ideology regarding function, aesthetics expression, yachting and high performance materials.