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xo-inmyroom | Kid's Furniture To Cherish


Kid's Furniture To Cherish

xo-inmyroom was born in 2012 in Barcelona when two of the founders tried to find furniture for the child’s nursery that wouldn’t look out of place in a home with four grown-up kids and two adults. So together with two brothers of the father, they started xo-inmyroom. A label with simple, natural and timeless furniture to be cherished forever. With furniture that grows up with your kids and becomes a part of your life as a “buy less, choose well and make it last” way of living. All pieces are designed and crafted by xo-inmyroom. The youngest brother is the craftsman who inherited his father’s workshop for handmade wooden furniture. The one in the middle oversees the logistics; and the eldest one is the designer, creative mind and professional photographer.
  • JO Crib | White Wash
    JO Crib | White Wash
  • TOM Desk
    • Size
    TOM Desk
  • LUKAAS Junior Bed
    • Size
    LUKAAS Junior Bed
  • JAN Table | Black & White
    JAN Table | Black & White
  • JAN Table | Neon Orange
    JAN Table | Neon Orange
  • JO Crib | Natural Wood
    • Size
    JO Crib | Natural Wood
  • JAN Table | White & Red
    JAN Table | White & Red