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Zilalila | 100% Knitted Comfort


100% Knitted Comfort

After two years travelling & working in the slums of India, Sam IJsbrandy came back to The Netherlands. Spending time in Asia, she learned that empowering women was very beneficial for the local underprivileged communities. Coming home she was driven to start a company that makes contemporary products in a fair trade environment. Born in Hungary, Anita Bakos built her life up in The Netherlands with a talent for making concepts. The timing was right for the two stylists to come together. So Sam Ijsbrandy and Anita Bakos founded Zilalila. Zilalila literally means 'the one becoming the many, and the many returning into the one'. Zilalila works from sketch to final product and takes care that you are the owner of a handmade product with a human touch in a fair trade environment. A way of life that reaches past the mass production of today. Enthusiastic, Zilalila started to design the first product… honest, handmade and something that stays. The Nest. Other products followed later. By now Zilalila has a close collaboration in developing products with Nepali women. As their products are made by fair trade production units in Nepal, no less than 2500 families and local community members are benefitting from it. That way, they guarantee unique products with a great deal of respect for Mother Nature.
  • Nest Brown
    Nest Brown
  • Nest Knitted Bean Bag | Light Grey
    Nest Knitted Bean Bag | Light Grey
  • Nest Knitted Bean Bag | White
    Nest Knitted Bean Bag | White