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Dr. Jaglas | Exquisite Bitter with Vigorous Herbs

Dr. Jaglas

Exquisite Bitter with Vigorous Herbs

“Every good meal needs a recipe. We use a centuries old one.” For decades, the Jagla family of pharmacists has been manually producing a delicious herbal bitter with 35%vol alcohol. This unique bitter is based on a recipe from a medieval monastery pharmacy. With diligent care, the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation - while its taste was continuously refined. The basis for the bitter production can be traced back to the "Pharmacopoea Germanica", the old German Pharmacopoea. This book not only serves as a valuable reference for herbalism and quality control, but since the very start also supplies important information on essential manufacturing steps - which are adhered to until this day. The digestive is unique in taste. Only bitter herbs of high purity and content are used and this is particularly appreciated after rich meals. At the end of the 1960s, pharmacist Helmut W. Jagla completed the family recipe with prominent artichoke leaves. Known for its cynarine content, artichoke represents the suitable addition to the noble bitter herbs. Helmut W. Jagla succeeded in optimising the digestive to the extent that the many herbs blended harmoniously and a delicately balanced taste arose. The “Artischocken-Elixier” was born!

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Dr. Jaglas