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W&P Design | Tropical Must-Haves

W&P Design

Tropical Must-Haves

Founded by Eric Prum and Josh Williams, W&P Design is a small team of passionate designers and foodies that have come together with the simple mission to bring new ideas to life in the food and drink-iverse. Most days you can find them in their workshop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, creating, designing and tasting (usually with a cocktail or two involved). They thrive on the process of creating new ideas, products and brands. They are selective with their projects; if they aren’t absolutely obsessed with a project, they don’t do it. They make it happen. Whether it’s 25 or 25,000 units of a product, they combine creative design with flexible, scalable and efficient manufacturing to ensure products reach customers at prices that actually make sense. They love sharing the stories behind the products they create. So, they distribute their goods in-house, to ensure each story that matters is told, and every item makes it to its destination safe and sound.